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Lineage 2 - Gracia Epilogue Patch Notes



[drupal=31136]Lineage 2 - Gracia Epilogue Patch Notes[/drupal]

The latest expansion to Lineage 2, Gracia Epilogue, has landed on the Public Test Server. NCSoft just published the patch notes for the expansion, which we reproduce below.
Mail System

The Mail System has been added in order to strengthen the player community and to increase the convenience of item trade. Through the Mail System, messages as well as items can be easily sent to other players.
There are two types of mail: Regular and Payment Request.

  • Regular mail allows players to send a message to other players with or without an attached item. Once the mail is sent, it can be checked by the recipient from the mail icon that appears on their screen. The cost for this type of mail is assumed by the player sending the mail.
  • Payment Request (also known as C.O.D) mail contains an attached item, and in order to retrieve the item the recipient needs to return the requested amount of Adena to the sender.

Sending Mail
</p> Sending Mail

  • You can access your mailbox by clicking the mail icon at the top of the system menu (Alt + X) or by typing /mailbox in your chat window.
  • A maximum of 8 items can be attached to each message and postage will increase depending on the weight of the attached items.
  • Sending and receiving mail is only available in a peace zone.
  • Mail will arrive at the recipient after 30 seconds.
  • Sent mail can be cancelled if the recipient has not yet opened the mail, if the mail has yet to be delivered, or if an attached item has not been claimed.
  • You must click on the Mail Type dropdown box in order to send COD mail.
  • The COD sender will receive the requested amount of adena directly in their inventory once the recipient hits the pay button. This happens almost instantly.
Receiving Mail
</p> Receiving Mail

  • The mail icon will appear when you have new ma
    il and you can click this icon to check your newly received mail. The mail icon appears just above your chat window.
  • An attached item cannot be claimed when you do not have enough available inventory slots or when receiving those items would cause your weight gauge to exceed 100%. Clicking on the pay button will allow you to claim the item sent to you. Once you click this button, the corresponding amount of adena
    disappears from your inventory.
Returning and Deleting Mail

  • Regular mail without an attached item cannot be returned. This type of mail can only be received or deleted. You must open the mail first before it can be deleted.
  • Mail with an attached item can be returned or received, but it cannot be deleted.
  • Unchecked mail will automatically be returned after 15 days. Please note that mail without an attached item will be automatically deleted, not returned.
  • Unchecked returned mail will be automatically deleted and the item will be transferred to the private warehouse after 15 days. Payment Requests will be automatically returned if not accepted within 12 hours.

  • The freight system has been replaced by the new Mail system. Items stored in the freight warehouse can be retrieved in the private warehouse.
Command Channel Matching
A Command Channel Matching System has been added to make it easier to organize and recruit members for a Command Channel.

  • The Command Channel matching room is created when a Command Channel leader opens the party matching window (/partymatching), and the Command Channel matching room is closed when the Command Channel leader closes the Command Channel matching window.
Command Channel Matching Rules
The party leader who created the Command Channel matching room cannot be party matching.
Settings such as room name and requirements are identical to the previous party matching system.
When you enter a Command Channel matching room, you are removed from the party matching standby and cannot be invited through the party matching room.
Regular party members cannot enter this room, only the leader can.
Players who entered the Command Channel matching room will be automatically removed from that room when joining the Command Channel or another party.
The duration between Vitality Levels has changed to increase Experience gain.
The amount of Vitality used when a monster is killed for characters levels 75 to 85 has changed to use the same amount as characters below level 75.

Territory War Changes

Different from clan-centric castle sieges, Territory Wars give regular players the ability to affect the dominance of a territory by participating in battles disguised as a mercenary. Participating in a Territory War will allow players to purchase new special items useful in PvP, character progression, etc.
Special items are sold by the Territory Manager located in the main city of each territory. Also, S80 territory guard necklace, ring, and earring with special characteristics, and hair accessories have been added.

  • There are new items available through the Territory Manager and Mercenary Captains in each town.
  • The amount of Territory Badges required to purchase an ordinary strider has been lowered from 60 to 50.

Item Type Item Name Description Giant's Codex Giant's Codex

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