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[Price Check] Legends Lighthouse Lager

  • Thread starter Batlin of Legends
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Batlin of Legends

I have this blue bottle of wine titled "Legends Lighthouse Lager" and was wondering if anyone knows or could tell me anything about it.
I'm assuming that this is an event item from a while ago.

So my questions are:
Is this an event item?
If it is an event item, anyone know how many are out there?
Where did it come from?
How much is it worth?

I have no clue, so anything that anyone can tell me would help.
I'm also considering selling it if it's worth anything substantial. If not, I'll just use it as a deco.

TMC Crowley

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
It comes from the pirate ship's pretty much worthless because you get creates full at a time . Now there might be one rarer more then another not sure how many there is so far i have collected 15.


How long have you had the bottle?

The Pirate/Merchant Smuggled Goods have only been in game since the last publish and so far, the list of types on U-hall is:

Apple Isle Whiskey
Arabella's Gargish Stout
Diablo's Blaze Port
Eldador Elven Elderberry Wine
Equinox Wine
Fitch's White Ale
Gathered Spirits Blended Whiskey
Golden Brew Tavern's Spiced Rum
Joe's Spicey Creb Shek Brew
Kazola's Treetop Wine
Napa Valley's Finest Chardonnay
Otis Original Homemade Brew
Pandora's Perfect Pinot Noir
Red Eye Tavern Specialty Rum
Royal Guard Brand Ale
Salty Dog Paws Mead
Sapewin Wines
Serpent's Cross Lager
Summer Solstice Brew
Vesper Ale
Waxing Dark Brew - From the Moonglow Garden
White Rose Zinfindel

I've been wondering if there are any "Shard Specific" ones or not and this may be one... It could be something from before the smuggled goods were added, or we may need to revise the list on U-hall. I'm leaning towards thinking it is shard specific at the moment.

Any information to help us verify would be appreciated.

Batlin of Legends

I don't know if it's an old item or not. I just assumed it was. My bad.

I picked it up from a Luna vendor on Atlantic shard before x-fering back over to Legends. I couldn't find the owner to ask about it, but it was on a vendor with event items from other shards. I'm assuming he x-fered it from Legends to Atlantic.

I just checked the Rares Collector Forum and it's listed under the event items sticky post. Still, no real information about it.

TMC Crowley

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I must miss that event it don't say how many has drop so its worth something but how much not sure if only 1 or couple drop it be worth a lot more then if 25 or 50 drop . best thing put it on the rare forum as a price check maybe some might know more . I haven't seen none for sale so i say their wasn't to many that drop but just not sure. Tazar thanks for post the list I'm missing couple I'll have to get to work on mine I knew i need a couple . Sorry Batlin of Legends for the miss information before I should check more before posting info Sorry


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
it was an event item, they were handed out just before the release of the last expansion. as far as numbers go id say at most 40-50 were handed out because they were given out right after a battle chicken tournament. If they were handed out at another time im unsure, that was the only time i personally saw.

Batlin of Legends

Thanks everyone for your input.
Of course, if anyone else knows anything else, please let me know :D