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[Cooking] Large Cooking Bods


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Hello, now that the system has been running for a while I was wondering how many different types of large Bods there were. I have gotten 7 different kinds so far. If that is all there are I could turn in quite a few small ones that I have been saving for that "just in case there is a large one for it". (Those fruit bowls are really a pain to fill.) If you have gotten one that is not on this list, could you please list it so I and others can know which small ones we may need to keep. Thank You very much. :)

These are the types I have

Sweet Cocoa Butter
Sack of Flour

Enchanted Apple
Savage Kin Paint
Grapes of Wrath
Egg Bomb

Pan of Cookies
3 Tiered Cake

Unbaked Fruit Pie
Unbaked Peach Cobbler
Unbaked Apple Pie
Unbaked Pumpkin Pie

Miso Soup
White Miso Soup
Red Miso Soup
Awase Miso Soup

Wasabi Clumps
Sushi Rolls
Sushi Platter
Green Tea

Cooked Bird
Fish Steak
Fried Egg
Leg of Lamb
Cut of Ribs


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Thank you for the link. I swear I tried to find it online and couldn't. I guess my brain is fried from filling bod's to get the tree full sized. :p Now I am off to turn in about 30 small bods - plum tree here I come! lol

old gypsy

Grand Poobah
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Campaign Patron
At last! Our chef's have been given a new purpose in life and are responding enthusiastically.

My goblin has been busy, and happily planted her new plum tree in the garden today! :)