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Lady Ursaladiin concedes to Governor elect for Minoc

Inkboy the Wild

Stratics Veteran
....As I walked towards the town stone, for Minoc, I felt an immediate change in it's energy, a cause for concern.

As I touched the stone, suddenly my mind was drawn to the withdrawal of my opponent and to their emotions and desires. To that, of a worthy opponent, removed too soon.

I humbly accept the withdrawal of my opponent, but I know their heart and desires. I know their love of Minoc and their desires.... as only an Elder Mage could.

Because of such knowledge, I beseech you Governors, that we should seek to find placement for Candidate Ursaladiin in a town that is void of Governorship after our elections end. That we should stand united, to urge King Blackthorn, that such passion should have a seat in Government.

If the Governors-elect ill approve of my proposal, than let it be known, that Lady Ursaladiin shall be Advisor to the Governor of Minoc, with all the titles and authority granted under such Privy Council to act on behalf of the Governor.

I ask you now, as your Governor-Elect of Minoc, to stand behind me to enact change that benefits not only our cities but our Realm, as well.

Who stands behind my convictions that no true heart should go ignored?