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Kingdom of Lore [Information]

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Lore Denin (GL)

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Loria, Kingdom of Light [Lore]

The Kingdom of Loria is a small independent Kingdom made up of several towns located on the Origin Shard and the Colony of Sanctym Ex in the dark world (Siege Perilous). The Kingdom was founded by the Seer Hawkwind to fulfill the Timelord's Quest of Unity by merging the Shardal Worlds of the Multiverse with the True Universe. The Kingdom has existed in secret for many years, awaiting the arrival of its King which prophecy foretold "would come from across the stars (shards) bearing the name "In Lor Des Sanct". This King will be the one to end the Gem of Immortality's curse and re-unite the worlds of the Multiverse with the True Universe. The Kingdom is a Monarch Republic led by a King and the Royal Council.

The style of RP includes politics, PvP (RP themed VvV and RP guild war), PvM (spawns and hunts), Mercantile (crafting and trading) with an overall theme of fulfilling the Timelords's Quest of Uniting the Worlds of the Multiverse (Shards) with True Sosaria.

Out of Character goals will be to create a fun and immersive RP environment for Origin/Siege players, test and give feedback on Vice vs Virtue. Strictly Adhere to the UO Terms of Service and forbid the use of any illegal 3rd party programs.

Current RP: The Kingdom of Lore has recently started the Colony of Sanctym Ex in the Perilous world, "where the final battle between Vice and Virtue will take place and the fate of all Worlds resides".

On Siege Perilous we are members of the White Council Alliance

Character Application: HERE

Guildmaster's ICQ's:
Lore Denin [ICQ: 96629882]
Princess Nikki [ICQ: 487122516]

The Lorian Government

The King and Royal Council

Lord of the Realm - Lord Denin, In Lor Des Sanct- The Lord of Realm commands the military, oversees the laws and policies of the Kingdom. The Lord acts as the Magistrate and presides over the Royal Court. The Lord of the Realm can not pass any edict or law without a majority vote from the Royal Council. The Lord of the Realm my veto any law against the ideals of Virtue or opposed to the Quest of Order

Princess of the Realm - Nikki De'Lora - The first in line to the throne of Loria, she is rumored to be the daughter of Lord British. The Kingdom of Loria supports her claim to the Throne of Britannia but remains allies with Britannia despite being led by Loria's long time political adversary, Lord Blackthorn. Loria seeks a political and peaceful resolution to the matter and hopes to gain support from the citizens of Britannia for Princess Nikki.

Court Mage (Open): Advises the King and the citizens on all matters magical. The Court Mage is responsible for the magical safety of the Kingdom and unraveling the magical secrets if the multiverse. [Many of the Kingdom’s role-play Quests and events will stem from this position]

Admiral of the Lorian Armada (Open): Serves under the Lord of the Realm as the head of the Lorian Navy, the admiral commands the Kingdom Armada on the High Seas and is responsible for the planning sea related events such as message in a bottle, and hunting down Pirates.

The King’s Ambassador - Valiquin Lok : The Ambassador is in charge of establishing diplomatic relationships with guilds and foreign lands and is responsible for the gathering intelligence, and conducting anti-espionage operations.

King’s Herald/Royal Historian (OPEN): Responsible for publicizing events, publishing a weekly news chronicle and keeping accurate historical records for the Kingdom.

Royal Treasurer: (OPEN): Head of the Lorian Crafters Guild and are responsible for keeping accurate records on the Kingdom’s Resources, Crafting services and Finances. The royal treasurer may also approves loans from the treasury to Kingdom Citizens and Organizations.

Royal Huntsman: (OPEN): Responsible for organizing and leading dangerous and exciting hunts for the Kingdom Citizens [Involves leading groups on Hunts, Spawns, Dungeon Crawls, etc]

Royal Staff

High Druid of Loria (Open): Consulted on matter that effect the ecosystem and environment.

Royal Architect - Hoomer: Responsible for the design and theme of the Kingdom's civic structures.

Court Jester (Open): Responsible for “Tasteful” entertainment at Court and during Kingdom events. May tell jokes, play music, organize plays/skits, etc.

Royal Decorators: (Open) In charge of the castle decor as well as decorating for special occasions and Kingdom events.

Royal Chef: (Open) Responsible for cooking for parties and grand banquets hosted by the Kingdom.

The Princess's Attendants: (Lady Tatianna, 3 Openings) The Princess Delora invites four ladies in waiting from the kingdom to attend court and be her confidants in keeping with the old traditions.

Kingdom Organizations:

The Kingdom’s Military: Men and Women of all professions who have sworn to protect the Virtues, the Kingdom and the innocent from evil and oppression. Members of the military enforce the law within the Kingdom and fight the wars against enemies of Virtue outside the Kingdom’s borders [Strong PvP focus].

The Military is organized into units consisting of at least three members. Each unit elects a captain from its ranks to lead it and each captain serves under the direction of the Lord of the Realm. A few examples of units that have been formed are the “Highland Guard" An Order of Knights led by James Douglas who serve as the protectors of Princess Nikki.

The Royal Spies: serve under the direction of the King’s Hand gathering intelligence for the Kingdom. Professions range from master rogues to cooks in foreign kitchens with innocent faces and sharp eyes and ears.

The Merchants Guild: Headed by the Royal Treasurer, Merchants guild looks out for the Kingdom’s crafts people and merchants. The merchant’s guild hosts auctions, advises citizens on pricing and provides places where citizens can sell wares.

[*Restrictions: A player must make Origin or Siege his/her primary shard to apply for a Court Position and a player may not occupy more then one position at a time]

For additional information/questions, ICQ: 96629882
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