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Player News Khaldun Puzzle Box tutorial


Stratics Legend
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Stratics Legend
Hey, remember when I was one of Siege's official reporters?

Of course you don't, because I was young and stupid and only did one official article.


I broke poor Kelmo's goddamn heart. He never said a word, but I could tell. I disappointed him harder than Critical did his parents at birth.

But as the advancing years creep upon me and the cold settles into my bones, I seek to make amends. Kelmo, your faith in me was not misplaced, merely a decade and a half too early! For I bestow upon you the knowledge of the Khaldun puzzle boxes, perfectly sculpted to lure legions of defenseless NEWbs into that abode of the damned, so that their corpses may be piled high enough to block even the most stalwart PK.

This is not the greatest tutorial in the world, no
This is just a tribute
Couldn't remember the greatest tutorial in the world, yeah, no
This is a tribute
To the greatest tutorial in the world
It was the greatest tutorial in the world
This is the best motherf*ckin' tutorial , the greatest tutorial in the world all right