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Just saw this in Luna on Origin...

Captn Norrington

Stratics Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Supporter
16 years and we still haven't brought the troops home again, it's time.
There have been troops in Germany and Japan for 72 years straight.

There have been troops in South Korea for 64 years straight.

While I understand the general idea of wanting the troops back home from the Middle East, the United States simply doesn't do that and never has. They just pretty much stay forever once they are sent somewhere, in varying capacities.

Fun fact: the U.S. has had troops stationed in the Middle East continuously from 1801 to now, beginning with the Barbary Wars. There have always been ships patrolling right off shore over there the entire history of the country... so we can safely assume they aren't going to be pulling out anytime soon, or even in our lifetimes.

Kylie Kinslayer

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The war itself needs to be declared over(won, lost, no matter... just over), is what I meant.
See.. that is just the thing though.. the war is not over so it can't be declared won or lost but in progress. And.. not to get political (because I know it is against Stratics policy lol) but the men and women over there have only recently began getting "rules of engagement" that do not handicap them when it comes to war.. so no war can be won while the actual fighters of the war have their hands tied behind their back... now that the hands are no longer tied things should wrap up over there pretty quickly.. give it a couple years and see :D