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UO [Jun 12, 2016] Adventures in Eodon Short Story Contest (Stratics)

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Britannian adventurers have been exploring the land of Eodon for a few months now. This untamed land has brought new adventures and stories to Sosaria--and we'd love to hear yours!

Did your tamer befriend a tiger? Did your thief run afoul Eodonian natives while making off with their treasures? Was your warrior swarmed by gorillas while dodging barrels? Did your mage hot foot it across an active volcano and live to tell the tale--or not? Did your chef go searching for gold foil and have to flee from angry macaws? Tell us a story about one of YOUR characters' adventures in the new land!


  • Stories should be at least 300 and no more than 2500 words long.

  • Stories should follow the theme of "Adventures in Eodon".

  • You may work with a partner or team, but only one reward will be issued per team if that team is selected as a winner.

  • Each entrant (or partnership/team) may submit as many entries as they like, but may only place once.

  • Entries must adhere to the Stratics Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service.

Post your entries in this thread by 11:59 PM (Eastern timezone) on Saturday, July 9th. At that time, the thread will be closed and winners selected by Stratics staff.

The winners will receive the following prizes:

1st Place: Winner's choice of a Time of Legends upgrade, a 1-month UO game time code, 2000 sovereigns, or 1000 sovereigns. One month of Stratics Professional and a medal indicating 1st Place in the contest applied to the winner's Stratics account.

2nd Place: Winner's choice of the remaining three unchosen rewards. A medal indicating 2nd Place in the contest applied to the winner's Stratics account.

3rd Place: Choice of the remaining two unchosen rewards. A medal indicating 3rd Place in the contest applied to the winner's Stratics account.

(The final remaining unchosen reward will not be distributed. Four possible rewards are offered here in case all three winners already have the Time of Legends upgrade.)

We look forward to seeing what this creative community can come up with. Good luck!

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