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Jumpgate Evolution House of Commons Log - 2.24.2009


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<div style="text-align: center"><img src="http://www.stratics.com/files/u4/hoc_jge01.gif" width="400" height="120" /></div><font face="Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Khatie cheers
Liquilla_CM grunts<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Hey everyone, we are just about to start here...<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> Thanks for being patient while we sort out the mechanics of the chat!<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> Welcome everyone to the Jumpgate Evolution Developer Chat, thank you for joining us :) Before we begin, if you haven’t already done so, make sure you’re signed up for Beta by visiting www.jumpgateevolution.com/beta<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> Just to echo Liquilla, huge thanks everyone for being here, and special thanks to Stratics for hosting this chat and of course to Scorch for taking time from his busy day to chat with us!<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> Now, without further ado I’ll allow everyone to introduce themselves.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch-</b></font> Hi, I am Scott Scorch Brown, President of NetDevil, thanks so much for stopping by today!<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> Hi I'm Khatie and I'm the relatively newish Community Manager working with NetDevil in North America. I'm thrilled to be part of the team and I can tell all of you that JGE looks amazing and is fun to play. Can't wait for you to see it!<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Mat[CM] -</b></font> Hi guys, I'm Mat aka 1st1, French community manager for the French players on Codemasters' side<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> Hi everyone, please submit your questions to tikigod or [qt]dronjak<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> I’m Callum "Liquilla" Rowley and I’m Codemasters Community Manager for Europe and English speaking Jumpgate Evolution fans :)<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Amaurea -</b></font> Hello all, I'm Dani "Amaurea", the German Community Officer from Codemasters<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>NDDraker -</b></font> Hi. I'm Hermann. Producer on Jumpgate Evolution.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Binkies -</b></font> Hi Everyone, I am Grace, Marketing Manager for Jumpgate Evolution. :) Thanks for joining us.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Ooglyboogly&gt; When will beta start?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> We are now in testing builds for our friends and family test, as soon as we are happy with that Beta will begin. :)<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun-</b></font>&lt;unAimed&gt; Will there be cross-nation squads/guilds?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Based on the confusion from the last game we are not going to allow this (at least to start beta)<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font>&lt;RedFaust&gt; Hi , i’m redfaust a space op fan , i have some questions to ask : Are you planning to make some GM’s run event, they would be an enormous threat to player when they would control several AI :] ?
<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> While we may do some events in Beta, that type of gameplay does not work well across multiple servers<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;moojee&gt; 1. Will there be online stat tracking or leader board? And if so will be also be viewable in game?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> There will be leader boards, we are not sure how many will be visible in the game at this point however.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> We had around 40 leader boards in Jumpgate and should have more in Evolution.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;caron&gt; Not sure if this is what was meant by please submit your questions... my question is, will there be a Mac or Linux port of Jumpgate?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> There will not be either Mac or Linux at launch, however with the games very low spec, it might work well with emulators on those platforms<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Triton&gt; is there any information about the content of the special edition yet and will there be an Option for a lifetime account?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> Details about the various editions of the game will be released when we push out our global pre-order campaign. I can tell you though that we have got some interesting things in the pipeline, and we will be offering more than a standard edition (you may remember a certain thread where we asked for Special Edition contents feedback) ^_^<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Apollo&gt; What rewards will the different types of PvP offer?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>NDDraker -</b></font> There will be many types of rewards. Of course there are tracked statistics across accuracy, kills, deaths and so on and medals attached to that. In addition players earn renoun for their various PvP activities which then acts as a currency/unlocking mechanism for rewards (ships, guns, missiles) and so on.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;GoBBLeS&gt; Q: How will arriving at gates work regarding gatecamping, will players be invulnerable until the gate-sphere is left, to get a running start, for example?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Basically there is a no fire radious around the jumpgates<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;EMTsNightmare&gt; why was a repair system chosen over an insurance system for the death penalty?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> We thought that made more sense as to what users are expecting who are new to Jumpgate<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Tr0n&gt; how deep will the player economy model be? basic supply-demand or more complex?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>NDDraker -</b></font> It's all a matter of gradual progression. The answer is the economy is player driven: mining, refining, manufacturing, auction house and mail all work together to do that. In the beginning it's very easy to make basic things, but it scales to a very high degree of difficulty. We also plan on expanding this in many different directions.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>NDDraker -</b></font> Basically our development method is to introduce things simply and then have them grow into deep and rich complex systems on top of these simple rules.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Additionally because you have to travel to build items, PvP will play some interesting roles in our manufacturing<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;demi&gt; How many avatars can I create? Will I be able to play all three nations?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> While we have not decided an exact number you will be able to play all 3 nations<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> *KNIGHT* if there is a "no fire radius" around the JUmpgates, surely people could "hide" in them for protection?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Yes, just like you could hide in stations too. I think it worked great in Jumpgate<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Latome&gt;Do you envisage to allow people to join other nations/factions like Conflux, Infernos ... ?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Nope :)<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Polerin&gt; will the lateral thrusters take away from the power of the main thrust, and how is agile development working out for this type of an app?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>NDDraker -</b></font> The thrust from lateral thrusters modifies the direction such that it is a fraction of the main thrust. I don't believe that it takes away from main thrust. Agile works great for all games from what I can tell :p It's really more of an approach that lets you do the important things in the right order and avoids the "do everything now" kind of directive.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;aPOGee&gt; Hi - How many people will each server shard allow?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> We won't know until Beta, but it will be the right amount for fun<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;DDZ-Excelsior&gt; Part of the allure of the JGC was the community and the faction events, will we be expecting the same type of thing to bring the players together in JGE?
<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Right now the faction mission system is not a part of JGE, where it comes back as a priority will be based on beta feedback. I agree though, it was one of my favorite features in Jumpgate Classic.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> One way the community can really help us is to continue giving us the mature and well-thought feedback, the way you have been doing throughout the development process. By telling us the kinds of things you love it makes it easier for us to keep you happy with community and in-game events.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> woop ^_^<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Sixpack&gt; is there racial (nation) bonuses to the different nations ships? quant=Mining, Oct=Combat, Sol=Trade ECT?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>NDDraker -</b></font> It's a tricky question. This is really easy for us to do and I'm assuming beta will show us more. We would like to differentiate the factions in some way, but we are concerned about pushing people into one group or another because they have no way of overcoming a difference. Just like everything else, it's whatever is more fun :)<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Daaz&gt; Has there been any discussion on pricing per month and intial purchase price?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Yes, lots of discussion, just nothing we can announce yet. :)<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Letho Kanes&gt; "which will be the (min/max) size of a squad ?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Right now there is no size cap, not sure if we will need one<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Tr0n&gt; what were some of the hardest challenges you had to face during development?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Getting the game something that you can just sit down and start flying right away took WAY more work than we ever expected. That is likely the one thing that I was the most wrong about in terms of time to develop.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> *Austrys* Ok, my question was ask'd by someone else, and got answered... here's diff question from me. Will there be more support teams like ones in France, Germany?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> (don't forget Canada!)<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> We will have support for the French and German territories both ingame and out of game, all of our websites are localised into these territory languages and we have an in-game team at the ready to deal with requests and issues in French and German<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> we also have our lovely French and German community managers<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> who are the bestest :)<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Amaurea -</b></font> *blush*<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Mat[CM] -</b></font> woot woot ^_^Khatie cheers<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> *\o/*<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> huzzah!<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;El Mariachi&gt; Is there Friendly Fire?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> right now we have this turned off, again lets see how it plays out in Beta<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Jaye&gt; Can you tell us about content suitable for solo casual players?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> You will be able to play entirely solo if that is the game you wish to play. Mostly you would be doing missions, mining and manufacturing if you never wanted to interact with another player.<br>
<br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> *Astronix* i would like to know, will it be possible to built spacestaion or to own it?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> There will be something along these lines in open PvP, you will be able to destroy these as well.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> But player owned stations really split the community in JGC so its not likely as a PvE component, at least not at launch.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> We'll have more details on the open PvP systems at a later date.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> Quick Note: We are in the final 10 minutes of the chat; please bring any questions that were not answered into the community chat room at #JGE-Dev or to our community forums at http://jumpgateevolution.com.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Sixpack&gt; what incentive will there be for piracy. will they be able to loot any goods? I want to have to defend my hauler buddy or even pod a hauler or two of the enemy nations. &lt;Warnis&gt; With a low death penalty, how will pirating be worthwhile?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Piracy is something that can be very cool if done well, and terrible if done poorly. We have decided to put this whole system off until post launch to concentrate on making the features we have great day one.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Tritian&gt; What kind of real-space benefits will Instanced PvP give, if any. And if there are, why?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> You will be able to earn various equipment, XP and medals from Instanced PvP. Why? Because I want players to be able to advance in whatever way is fun to them.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Dvalin&gt; does that mean that pvp servers will get player (WE ALL WANT IT) owned stations and by player we mean squad.
<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> The stations will be more like battleplatforms than stations in the traditional sense<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Tenybras&gt; Will it be possible to buy/sell something to an other player who is from an other nation? (through an auction house maybe)<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> yes, at least right now it is<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Lobos&gt; will you be able to shoot incoming missles<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> right now you can shoot missles yes, though mostly its good for big missles, hitting small missles is hard :)<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> *KNIGHT* Are you worried that by making JGE more new player friendly, and maybe "easy" , that it will take away something that made JGC so great to those who played, and are still playing now?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> I can understand that feeling, but skill still plays a big part in the game, and though we have made the game "rules" simpler, the game still is hard to master. Get into PvP and tell me thats easy for example, its not.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> KNIGHT that question is excellent; there has to be a balance reached between making a game that few people love, and making one that many can love so that it is enjoyed by more people, longer. Believe me, skill is playing a huge part. I am pretty lame at it thus far; if it was truly carebear I'd be able to play better :)<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> A good example is power, we used to have a power grid analyzer but really all we wanted was a tradeoff between guns, shields, engines, etc so you could not have the best of it all. By now just having a power number we accomplish the same goal in something that is much easier to understand.Liquilla_CM pew pews khatieKhatie runs and hides.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Vrael&gt; There has been talk of players having a hanger full of ships and lots of things to load those ships down with. How many different ships do they imagine the average person will own and, of those, is the difference between ships of the same class mostly just style or are there numerical differences as well?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> We have not set a limit on the number of ships you can own, some you may own just for looks, others for stats. I imagine myself with lots of different ships for various situations.<br><br><font color="#800000"><b>Erusun -</b></font> &lt;Tritian&gt; Just to settle some debate on the forums, can you confirm that we will be getting a PvP server, possibly something where the invulnerability zones can be disabled?<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> BETA KEY GIVEAWAY - I am going to randomly select 5 people who attended this chat today. Please let me know your email address so I can record the winners if I PM you in the next 5 minutes.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> We are desperately trying to have as few different servers as possible so we are trying first to have parts of the game where its open PvP and other parts where PvP is consensual. If that does not work than as a last resort we will create open PvP servers.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> thats all for this time folks :) if your question wasn't answered this time then make sure to bring it to the next dev chat, or post it on the forums :)<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>[ND]Scorch -</b></font> Thanks again for coming all, these are always fun. :)<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Liquilla_CM -</b></font> A big thank you to Stratics for hosting the chat, and Scott and Hermann for coming along to answer your questions.<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> THANKS for coming out everyone!! Big thanks to Scorch, Draker and Binkies for being here and for the Stratics guys for helping out, you guys rock!<br><font color="#0000A0"><b>Khatie -</b></font> See you all on the forums - we'll post the entire log of this chat in the upcoming days.