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[Mining] Issue with Elven Mining in Ter Mur?



Hi all. I have an Elf with Gm mining and +5 gloves for 105 Mining. I used to mine in Malas, but began mining in Ter Mur following Publish 61. I find that when I mine in Malas I get much more colored ore and gems than when I mine in Ter Mur. For example, with my shovels set to Mine only Ore, by the time I mined 1000 ingots of iron, I had mined the following:
1002 ingots Iron (82.3% of total ingots)
36 ingots Dull Copper
27 ingots Shadow Iron
34 ingots Copper
52 ingots Bronze
48 ingots Gold
18 ingots Agapite
0 ingots Verite or Valorite
5 Gems
1 Crystalline Blackrock

It seems that when would hit a spot with a non-iron ore, I still would mine 75% or more iron in that spot. When Mining in Malas with the same character and settings, I would get greater than 50% special ore in those spots.

Could it be that the Elven Knowledge of Nature (increased chance of getting special resources) is not working properly in Ter Mur??


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I've never known it to work properly for mining, myself.

There is apparently something built into the ore code, that the current devs are unaware of -

Testing has shown that each resource square, for mining, has its OWN individual ratio of iron to colored (that even applies to iron sites when elevated to DC or SI with tools), that is permanent, and unrelated to the human/elf/gargoyle factors. So, when the Devs think that Humans and gargoyles get 40% colored, and Elves 60%, they are deluding themselves, as the real numbers are H/G whatever the color variable is for that site, Elves is H/G percentage * 120% (a 20% of the existing variable bonus, so that a 70% colored spot for the other races would be 84% for elves).

That said, if your shard's Ter Mur ended up getting shafted by the random number generator, setting those numbers the first time each node is dug (how it works, ever since colored ore was introduced), anyone will see sucky returns on those sites from now on. Note that, if the elven bonus worked the way the devs thought, you'd still expect 70% iron, without using prospector tools or garg picks (50% iron, and 40% of colored hits pulling up iron).

Remember also that cave areas tend to be programmed to initialize to more possible hits, and greater colored ore return, than mountain faces, and there are lots of cave space in Malas, and very little cave area in Ter Mur that isn't occupied with threats out of the league of most miners.