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Is Halo 4 already ready for the next gen console

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Found this to be an interesting read about the upcoming halo 4 release

Halo 4 is slated for release in December of 2012, and the Xbox 720 isn’t going to be ready in time for that. Instead you can expect to see certain components of the Xbox 720 gaming experience making an appearance in Halo 4 first.

In the future we’ll probably have to radically overhaul systems yet again. – O’Connor

Halo 4 is a totally different game than the Halo Wars video game that is out for the Xbox 360, and is going to be used as a building block for a short term transition in the future of gaming consoles. O’Connor also realizes the constant need for evolving the game development process and updating when necessary to keep up with the competition.

In a world where we’re working on next generation platforms, there’s things we’ll have to do just for architecture to make it work. But ultimately you just keep evolving the things that make it work, – O’Connor

The current Xbox console from Microsoft is rapidly approaching seven years old, so there must be some tricks and tips to keep squeezing life out of this console. Hopefully developers can keep coming up with interesting way
Source: Halo 4 Is Ready For The Xbox 720 - Xbox 720 Guide | Everything About The Next xBox