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Ironfist (Destruction) Failboat Recuiting - Transferred Guild



Failboat is recruiting!

Failboat is a rank 10 guild from the Drifting Castle server who recently transferred to Ironfist.

We are looking for players who:

-Do not complain about their class
-Have a sense of humor and are not offended easily
-Play this game to have fun

Currently, our play times are mostly in the evenings. We were founded by 3 real life friends and we enjoy playing together a lot. We like to RvR, PQ, and run Dungeons together.

We are not stressing about play time or level currently, and once we have an active core of players that agree that we have enough people recruiting will slow down. There really are no requirements to join other than attitude, which can not be judged over night. People will be invited on a trial basis and if we fit you and you fit us you will be promoted to a full fledged Failboat member.

We are an EST guild and we have our own vent server.

Please contact Nixes, Ilgom, or Kieko in game with any questions you have or you can PM/Post here.

Thank you for your interest,
-Captain of the Failboat