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In Testing: Combat Changes, Doom Artifact Upgrade.


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Pics of all the artis are at the bottom of Testing Notes from 2016-12-14 - Stratics Community Wiki | Stratics


The Scholar's Halo definitely looks nice.

Ring of Primal Consumption, I'm failing to see who would use it. If I want luck on a ring, I either go for Compassion's Eye with 250 luck and better properties, or I go for a looted ring with 150 luck and likely more useful properties. Eater 20% + Luck 150 on a ring just isn't as compelling. I'd suggest changing it to a bracelet, with luck bumped to 200. That'd make it a very compelling piece in place of the cleanup sets. Also, in either form, this really should allow us to imbue it. I'm not sure what weight eaters are, but this definitely looks like it would have room for FC 1 or something else useful.

Cuffs of the Archmage is also nice, though making it imbuable would be quite appreciated. I'd only strongly suggest adding FC 1. Especially combined with Scholar's Halo, that would allow for a lot more flexability in getting to 2/6 or 4/6 with mage suit design. Right now, you have to make some significant tradeoffs to get to 2/6 on a mage luck suit, for example, tradeoffs that you don't have to make for tamer/melee/archer/etc suits. Either you settle for 1/6 and take 150 luck, or you go for 2/6 and lose the 150 luck you could get from a bracelet. Combined with Scholar's Halo, you now could get to 3/6 on a max luck suit and have a lot more flexibility.

Britches of Warding I don't see myself using, but it looks useful for some builds. It too looks like it should have room for imbuing, if that restriction were removed. ...and on all three of the mentioned artis, if they can't be imbued, I see them having a much more restricted use and shorter shelf life.

Finally, one quick nit; is the property "Hit Bonecrusher" or "Bone Crusher"? It shows the first in the notes, but the latter in the actual properties on Glenda.
The property is now called Bone Breaker. Some of the artifacts have been adjusted since their earliest TC1 notes. I encourage everyone to head over to TC1 and try crafting them, since that's what needs to be worked through at this stage. We will continue to monitor feedback throughout the TC1 phase to make sure the artifacts are attractive enough to draw those bold enough into the gauntlet. Thanks for the feedback!