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Atlantic In Loving Memory - Goodman of Atlantic 08/30/2009


Goodman's Rune Library
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Eulogy by Aleena of Scots

Today I would like to talk about two things, Legend and heart.

The best adventures have a wonderful combination
Of legendary characters and a person with heart.

Think for a moment perhaps of Samwise Gamgee
Who to the last second was willing to defend his friend,

Or William Wallace who never lost sight of his homeland

Or even Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
She reminded us that there is "No place like home"

Each of these characters had both legend and heart

Legend is what makes that person "larger than life."
It is what defines how we come to remember that person for eternity.

Legend is found in the stories we pass on to the next generation.
Heart is that spirit, that courage, and that indefinable quality
That makes someone help out those in need
Yes, legend and heart
It is what builds character.

Legend and heart are at the center of the man we are honoring today.
He, who like other legendary characters before him
Became legend.

He, who like other characters before him showed such heart
That he helped thousands of people through simple acts of kindness.

He of whom I speak is Frank,
but most of you know him as Goodman.

The first time I met him,
He escorted me to pick up my body,
before Trammel and Felucca days.
When I was so proud of my tent on the edge of Brit.

He was just puttering around the shop,
As you'd usually find him on a Sunday afternoon.
He saw that I was wearing a deathrobe and offered his aid.
Me, a complete stranger
and he risked life and limb to help me out.

That's the kind of man he was.
Always helping, always full of heart.

It was that heart that has helped so many travelers over the years.
That heart that has now become legend,

I have to remind myself that he's gone sometimes.
Every once in a while I go to the library
and half expect to see him puttering around again
ready to spend a few hours chatting with me.

The next time a traveler approaches you while you're in this realm,
hope you will remember Frank and lend your aid.
I hope you will keep his legacy alive.

To the realm of Atlantic, he is a legend.
But to me he was my friend.
And I miss him immensely.
Thank you.

Thank you all for attending this Memorial Service on Magincia Beach even in such danger.

Thank you very much Aleena for honoring us with your memories of our beloved friend.

Another milestone along the road has been reached. This memorial marks the fourth year since we lost our good friend Frank Campbell aka Goodman has been gone.

He would have been excited to see a new expansion coming as he was excited about the upcoming ML before his passing.

We miss his enthusiasm for this world. We miss his kindness and thoughtfulness. The world is a lonelier place without him.

Our lesson from his life asks us to take the time and help people and not to take any world, person or thing for granted.

As time passes Goodman's Library works hard to remain a working up-to-date library as it was in his day as it was his wish.

This year many runebook sets have been updated & many new ones added.

The Memorial Gardens are complete and we await the new expansion to mark new runes to new places. GRL is dedicated in his honor to provide support and assistance to the citizens of Atlantic.

Community Service is the foundation that keeps Goodman's Rune Library
going into new worlds and lands.

Together we will take Goodman's Rune Library into the Stygian Abyss and beyond to keep Frank's beloved library hopefully as he would have done himself.

I wish to sincerely and especially thank

Lady Rachel of Rachel's Runes
Tazar & the Britannian Coalition Guard
The Knights of Ni
Lady Aalia of Winterbreeze Library
Lady Hunter Moon
Lady Aleena of Scots
Lady Angelica of UWF
Lord Doc of UWF

for helping with this years memorial and the many kind people that I have met this past year that have helped me keep Goodman's Rune Library
current, relative and helpful to the citizens of Atlantic.

Rest in Peace my Friend, until we meet again.

Thank you all for coming...

Thank you to EM Eris and Sakkarah from EAMythic and everyone who came to this fourth year Memorial. He is forever in our hearts thanks to you.

Goodman's Rune Library


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I just came back to UO a couple days ago and one of the first things I did was visit Goodmans library and stand by his statue for a while thinking about his memory. Thought I'd post here... Players like Goodman were what made Ultima Online so great, and why I return to Britannia....


Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I remember him myself and had the opportunity to know him.. I think mostly via these boards ... Maybe Im mistaken. My original stratics account was lost during a merge or change over ..

Great dude. And its sad to me.. All these people that have died and moved onto something greater... But at one time shared the love of this stupid game .. Shared the addiction ... I am glad to see his memory continuing while he is long gone. Damn makes me feel old. Heh.

Diomedes Artega

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Goodman and his library were always a lot of fun to me as a new player 11+ years ago. It was fun getting lost using random runes, not understanding where they went and sometimes getting stuck on islands or in the middle or ravenous monsters. Always a lot of fun. I will miss players such as Goodman that make a real contribution to this game.