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[Feedback] Important things to bring up now

Cear Dallben Dragon

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
1) Darkglow and parasitic are not functioning properly. Possibly never have.

There is absolutely no reason to use darkglow. You can only bump it up to deadly poison. It is supposed to deal extra damage if you are more than one tile from your enemy. It really does not. you deal a basic roll for dp each time almost regardless of distance. Every once in a while you will get maybe a 13dmg or the original tick (also regardless of range) but it will immediately decrease. Since parasitic poison can inflict lethal poison (thus deal an overal higher amount of dmg than darkglow regardless of distance), and heal you up to 50 hp on a tick, there is no reason to use darkglow.

2) Please dear god fix this one:

Say for instance you poison something and switch targets, every time your poison ticks, regardless of legacy targeting system or the new one, you will lose focus of whatever you have most recently targeted. This is insane. We all know how important it is to poison a factioners horse before you start stabbing them to death. I cant be losing focus on the guy running around everytime my poison ticks on his horse. This goes for several situations in pvp and pvp. its just not good. The health bar I dbl click on should be the one i'm fighting from now on. Conflags are also bothersome.

3) Ever thought of letting max dex weapon skill and restorations of large amounts of health affect stamina replenishment? Heavy blows take down stamina easily, while large increases do not. and there are very few ways to manage stamina increase among stats.

3 is not so important. the others i feel are.


Stratics Veteran
Yeah, your focus should never ever switch on it's own once you're focused on something. That's just stupid.