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[Imperium Fiction] - Three Imp Prophecy

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Three Imp Prophecy

And unto them did the Wise Ones called,
In cacophony, they spoke, violent screeching,
As they clawed their eyes from their face.
"Hearken! The Frozen One, Winter he will not forestall,
It would come unto them like the Glaciers of that Primordial Hell.
The Village, undesired, would smote itself.
Cursed in its own iniquity,
It would close about itself a Tomb,
Captured, Womb of Frost and Ice.
The Shadow, Shade, Dark Ichor and Bitter Hallow,
Wise Council would lead them to a Beginning, Anew.
And Charon, Ferryman, Grim as Death,
Would he sail himself in that early hour,
Amongst the Sea of Stars and Aether, Void and Shadow.
Thus Bird and Carrion would sing their cacophony,
Choking on their bitter dirge,
Lo, learn they would of the Fear of Death.
Yea, devoured they would be, consumed,
'Pon the waves of a sorrowed barrier,
Encased the many seas,
And sing, they would,
Hated, the people would tread,
Through the Pass that leads to Void.
And Lo, the people would be blessed,
Blessed, by the Dart of Venus' Son,
And come, they would, to be loved by the World.
Lo, they would embark from the Pass,
When it could accommodate their bulk no longer.
And the Key would turn,
Peddlers and Thieves would find a Blue Spring,
In Woods wreathed around them.
Lo, was there a great eruption,
Violent and Angry,
And Gods and Devils felt it quake.
The True would leave their Frozen Womb,
Yea, two wings would erupt in Wisdom,
And the Void, at last, would be complete,
At last, Aether would be whole.
For a time, at least."
And collapsed upon herself, Wise One did,
To speak the portents and prophecies of Yore,

~The Right Blue Oracle

Written By: WarderDragon and Lord Gareth

The prophecy tells of current and future happenings within the Ethereal Void Imperium. If you read closely you will find each Imperium township mentioned and some of the current storylines.