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I wanted to buy an Stygian Abyss Upgrade Code of Origin.com...


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
When I log into Orgin.com and goto the Stygian Abyss Upgrade Code page, this is what I get....

After 2 hours on chat, no help.

I get a call, they have to chat with someone, 5 minutes later, disconnect.

Gotta love Origin & Broadsword support.


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I am told by EA support that this is a Broadsword issue and that I have to email them and they give me the email address.

I get the following reply from Broadsword:


Thank you for contacting Ultima Online Support.

We are sorry for the inconvenience with this matter.

Please know that only Origin can sell codes, this is not something Broadsword Support can do for you, as EA Origin is the issue and payment processor.

However, regrettably no account name was provided so we are not able to check what expansion you have on the desired account you wish to apply it to. Please know that you can check that at your own leisure by logging into the Account Center with the EA Account email linked to the account you are trying to apply the Stygian Abyss.

Select the correct Master Account that Product/Game Account is under and select features.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you require any assistance.

Best regards,

Ultima Online Support
Broadsword Online Games

Thus the circle of waste is complete....

King Greg

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Yup. This happened to me as well. Had to make a new master account for a trial account that didn't have stygian just to get a code. Annoying.