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[Imbuing] I need help pricing suits

Eric Ravenwind

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
I need help pricing some suits. At the moment, I just want to make some imbued suits, no artifacts. Geared for PvM. I'm not going to be able to make maxed out gear either. Here is what I want to make:

100% LRC
70x5 resists
40 LMC
6 MR
* Not sure about what STAT increases should go on it.
* Also, not sure about what to put on ring & bracelet

70x5 resists
55 LMC
6 MR
* Same as above, what STATS to imbue
* And what goes on the jewelry

What should i make the durability at on these suits? 255, or would 50-75 be acceptable?

thanks in advance


Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Its just not worth crafting stuff like this anymore.

I have just this week made 8 suits that I want to get moved to other shards. I made them all from shadowguard loot and they are all the same as above but all have 15+ MR and loads of mana.

You can pickup parts like this so cheap now 2-5m so crafting (in my opinion) is just simply not worth it.

I will usually toss in some kelp leggings as these have some extra SDI and HPI then just use other parts to fill in the gaps.

Jewels I still tend to imbue and I go for: FC1, FCR3, SDI, DCI,