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Hunting help, tips/tricks

Odin of Europa

Slightly Crazed
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Posting this from the old forum as requested. If you have info to help with any hunts please post it here :)

I thought I would start this thread after the last hunt at the Weald spawn. I know some don't like doing it, they die alot, so this thread is to give advice for the different things to hunt, to try make it easier for people and hopefully there will be less deaths. I'll try to add more later, but for now I'll just start with the Weald spawn. If anyone has anything else to add that will help please do

Twisted Glade Champion Spawn

Not the easiest spawn, we usually get a few deaths on the rare occasion's we do it.
I prefer to take my tamer as my GD can kill spawn quickly and my only decent mage, Hex, has necromancy so with his negative karma its a no go area. A mystic might be a good choice, but I don't have one so never tried, and some of the best mystic spells I don't think would be as useful as other spawns because of the loss of karma from killing some of the monsters - can't control RC's, area spells can hit anything.
The best templates for this spawn, imo, are tamers and bards - we need atleast one bard with 120 music, provo and disco, but two would be better.

Slayer - Fey: can be found on the Defiler of Virtue swords wep from the Bane invasion, Ironwood Composite Bow from Medusa and the Fallen Mystic's Spellbook from Stygian dragon.
Bear slayer: found on talismans.

Level 1 - Pixies and Shadow wisps - Easy level, but people don't like losing karma, so only kill the wisps.

Level 2 - Centaurs and Dryads - Again, not hard, but so people don't lose karma, kill the centaurs .. which are a good source of arrows.

Level 3 - Satyrs and Cu'sidhes - Starts to get interesting, of the two, I think cu'sidhes are easier, but you lose karma killing them. To kill satyr's you need to work together. Satyr's can easily kill a GD, only attack them with other's, or if it is disco'd. For a bard, provoke the satyr's onto cu'sidhe's, if you provoke satyr's onto each other they usually just end up peacing each other which slows down the kill rate, so it slows the spawn down. Paragon satyr's are a different matter, you should NEVER attack these, even when they are disco'd. To kill the para's, they need to be disco'd, then provoked onto lots of cu'sidhe's.

Level 4 - Feral treefellows and Raging Grizzlies - I think you lose karma killing the treefellows, so I always stick to the grizzlies. The main problem with this level is the paragon grizzlies, they will attack any player that moves near them and they are fast and hit hard. When this level spawns, always pre-cast invis before moving, if a grizzly targets you invis yourself quickly without having to wait for the spell to cast.

Champion - Twaulo of the Glade - A hard boss if theres lots of spawn around, it can disco, provo, peace, and mortal strike so you can't heal. The best way to kill this is to disco it then drag it upto the sparkles away from the rest of the spawn, this way it usually goes down quickly, it makes it alot harder if its in the middle of the spawn and it starts provoking it onto your pet's.

This spawn isn't all that hard - you don't have everything attacking you as soon as it sees you like with the rest, it just takes some thinking about and teamwork, especially with the satyr's, you HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER. I've done this spawn a few times now and neither me or my pet have died while doing it for a long time. If people follow these rules, they shouldn't have much trouble with it either.

Pestilence Champion Spawn
One of the hardest spawns, and one we rarely do. The small area to fight and the speed of some of the spawn in the higher two levels means you can die quickly and often.
All fighting templates do well here I think, and a mixture is a good thing. I like to use Hex, drop some EV's get into the center in wraith form and earthquake for the first and second levels, helps to kill lots of spawn quickly.

Slayer - Undead: for Pestilent Bandages

Level 1 - Plague Beast Spawn and Boglings - Easiest level, have at everything =)
Plague beast spawn resists from weakest to strongest: cold/energy, fire, phys, poison.
Bogling resists from weakest to strongest: fire, cold/poison/energy, phys

Level 2 - Plague Beasts and Bog Things - Not very difficult, although you need to watch out for the poison and harder hits from the plague beasts. As well as earthquake, I like to drop a few wildfires.
Plague Beast resists from weakest to strongest: cold/energy, fire, phys, poison
Bog Thing resists from weakest to strongest: cold, fire/energy, phys, poison

Level 3 - Plague Beast Lords and Interred Grizzles - This is where it starts to get harder and we need to slow down and be more careful. The plague beast lords hit harder and have alot more HPs, and the Interred Grizzles spit acid onto the floor which does fire damage when you walk into it. To kill the plague beast lords, cast paralyse then use a bladed weapon and pull out its innards.
Plague Beast Lord resists from weakest to strongest: cold/energy, fire, phys, poison
Interred Grizzle resists from weakest to strongest: poison, phys, fire/cold, energy

Level 4 - Fetid Essences and Pestilent Bandages - This is where it really gets hairy, the fetid essences have an area attack, move fast and hit hard and switch targets alot.
People will die at this level, unless we're REALLY LUCKY. We need to try to keep the entrance clear of spawn so we can res people, use energy and paralyse fields to stop the spawn getting near the steps. Use undead slayers to kill the Pestilent Bandages.
Fetid Essence resists from weakest to strongest: fire, cold, phys, energy, poison
Pestilent Bandage resists from weakest to strongest: fire, poison/energy, phys, cold

Champion - Ilhenir the Stained - With the leftover spawn we still need to try and keep the entrance clear using fields. Provoke anything that can be onto the boss and cast fire spells, which seem to be its lowest resist.
Resists from weakest to strongest: fire, phys/cold, energy, poison

This is a hard spawn, someone always dies, usually a few times - if we ever manage to do this spawn with 0 deaths we have done well

Its good to have a selection of templates when doing this spawn, bard's, tamer's, mystic's, necro's .. I'm not sure how warrior's would do here though, I don't remember seeing many try it.

Minotaur Champion Spawn
Another spawn that we rarely do, and have trouble with, especially near the end. Not like the rest of the champion spawns, as it has no altar and the spawn does not progress like the other's. Instead, message's appear on the screen to show the progression of the spawn, 'I see invaders! Must warn the others!' next 'Aid the others! Kill the invaders!' and then something like 'Meraktus has arrived!' .. not entirely sure on the wording for the last one.
Meraktus spawns at the end of the Labyrinth, to get there you need to pass lots of different minotaur's, as well as some reptalon's, Rend, Miasma and Pyre. There are also some traps on the way, which will spawn air elementals - including some more powerful named ones, and drakes, including Grim, which again is more powerful.
For the champion spawn, just concentrate on the minotaur's, minotaur scout's and minotaur captain's. When Meraktus spawns, four tormented minotuar's will also appear.

Slayer - Repond
Bovine: found on talismans
Minotaur, Tormented Minotaur, Meraktus killer and protection talismans.
Slayer Note - Because of the vulnerability to Repond slayer, warriors should not use a Conjurer's Trinket, as the Undead slayer is the opposing group to Repond, so the minotaur's will do extra damage to anyone wearing one.

Minotaur resists weakest to strongest - fire, cold/poison/energy, phys

Minotaur captain resists weakest to strongest - fire, cold/poison, energy, phys

Minotaur scout resists weakest to strongest - fire, cold/poison/energy, phys

Tormented Minotaur's move fast and hit hard, they have an area attack that can do 90 damage. Best tactics seem to be to lure one off at a time, have one or two kill it while the rest heal.
Tormented Minotaur resists weakest to strongest - cold/energy, poison, phys, fire

Meraktus has an area attack, like earthquake, which hits harder the closer you are and the more that are attacking it. Might be a good idea to have only one or two people attacking, and the rest healing them. She also dismounts, so using a swampy might be a bad idea.
Meraktus resists weakest to strongest - poison, energy, cold, fire, phys

All minotaur's seem to be able to use the paralyse weapon special move. Getting to the back area of the Labyrinth can be difficult, some of the spawn moves fast and hits hard - Rend can be a one hit kill, and Pyre with its area effect switches targets alot. The spawn isn't too hard, until Meraktus and the Tormented Minotaur's spawn, they hit so hard and move so fast! But we have done it a few times, and I think with practice we could do better

Lien Ragus

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Very well done Hex !!! I ll try to copy paste from former forum about champ spawns as well. And will add about "new" bosses asap...

thanks again ;)