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[Imbuing] Human made gm items will always be 2 props...


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I was making gm daggers for my Imbuer to train on then noticed they were all 40 Di and hence 2/5 props for Imbue purposes, which skewed the training table I was following (Petra's & Scan's). After finishing off original batch, I soulstoned armslore and then made another 100 Gm daggers to imbue.

Halfway through, I noticed they were all 36% DI and thus 2/5 props for Imbuing. Scratched my head-checked Smith again - ) arms lore - and arrow turned down...

Then it hit me - JOAT!! Eveything "blank" I make with human crafter will be starting off with 1/5 prop :( Good thing my Carp/Tailor/fletcher is elf.


Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
your logic is correct here, but i think your forgetting that Any exceptional item has a base damage increase of 35, arms lore ads 1di per 20 skill, so humans with 0 arms lore (joat being 20) will still have 36di.

Barry Gibb

Of Saintly Patience
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The arms lore bonus only gets added to exceptional quality items. Since any exceptional quality item always get the DI property (as Smoot pointed out), they will always have one property. This is regardless of the race of the crafter.

If you imbue DI on these items, it will show as 1/5 properties, since DI is the existing property. You can also use normal quality items for training, since they do not have any properties.

Stayin Alive,



UO Forum Moderator
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And, for the life of me, I can't figure out how having the DI on the items would be a bad thing for training.

Difficulty is based on total weight, and any free property to increase the difficulty is a bonus. That's the whole reason behind using exceptional plate jingasa for the higher level training.

And, one doesn't need be imbuing to gain skill at skill levels below 70, anyway. You need to be unraveling loot and runic rejects, below that skill level, and be moving to doing the Jingasa method in the 70s, when the unraveling gains slowed. Imbuing Daggers aren't even part of the equation anymore.

Petra's guide was unstickied from being obselete a month ago, replaced with a much less regimented guide.