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Human Kindness

Captn Norrington

Stratics Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Supporter
As some of you already know, I am from Florida and evacuated the state due to Hurricane Irma.

I've noticed that the news is only covering the disaster part, and is leaving out the huge amount of kindness and compassion that is also happening. I have seen this first hand, and it truly shows how great people can be.

Right across the border, there is a town called Bainbridge, Georgia. The very first thing I saw upon entering that town was a huge sign hanging over the road which said "Florida evacuees, we will take care of you". Further down the road there were people with signs pointing to a parking lot which said "free food for all displaced Floridians" with barbecues being tended in the background.

Continuing along the road, people had stuck signs in the front lawn of their homes and businesses. Some of the others I saw:

"Free gas and propane for Floridians."

"Free legal and accounting services for Floridian insurance claims."

"Free three day stay at bed and breakfast for evacuees."

The city was filled with those signs. Similar types of signs could be found in many of the other towns as well.

Montgomery, Alabama has a large evacuee camp set up on the campus of Alabama State University providing food, water, and shelter to those unable to find a hotel (pretty much every hotel in the south is sold out right now due to half the Florida population needing a place to stay).

Among all the doom and gloom the news is showing, the acts of human kindness seem to be getting overlooked nationally... But for those of us seeing it first hand, it is truly amazing how quickly people jumped into action to help, even inviting strangers into their homes to give them a place to stay for the night.

On behalf of all Floridians, thank you, it means a lot to see those who have fallen on hard times being taken care of so well.

old gypsy

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Patron
Thank you, Captn, for sharing the kind and beautiful things you witnessed during your return. The media tackles every disaster like starving hyenas competing for a larger share of a kill, while far too often overlooking the gentler and more compassionate side of humanity. Your post is a breath of fresh air, indeed.