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How to help bring fans (and funding) to PG

Neon Espresso

Stratics Veteran
What the game needs now is a big push from all of us. With one week left, we've got a lot of ground to cover, but it's doable and I know there are many of us here that really want to see this game released.

If you use Twitter...

Put out messages calling for support. For example, something like:

#ProjectGorgon #MMO #RPG needs your support! Check it out at http://kck.st/1AUt79l

Here's a crash course on Twitter to help out:
  • people are more likely to click on tweets with links at the beginning or end than tweets with links in the middle.
  • separating MMORPG into two separate tags reaches two separate audiences that are likely to be interested in Project Gorgon
  • truth works better than deception. "clickbait" titles/messages drive people to a page but it backfires if you want them to get on board with your idea/message
  • if you know other general hashtags that would be relevant, share them here

If you're on Facebook...

Post a message to groups that you know will have people interested. Avoid hyperbole, and give links to both the download and Kickstarter pages if possible.

If you're a regular on gaming forums:

Post to the forum, calling for support. Again, being realistic works better than hyperbole, and this game has a lot of reality that is pure awesome
  • the feature list isn't a wishlist - many features are live and playable right now
  • this isn't some random gamer with a pipedream - it's industry professionals with decades of experience between them
  • seeing is believing - playing the game sometimes helps sell it more than even the most genuine praise will

please don't
  • create new accounts to post about this - one-post wonders backfire
  • spam multiple boards at the same forum - find the right one for the msg and post there
  • oversell or exaggerate - it does a disservice to the actual work that has already been done

For channels with space constraints, here are some bit.ly links:

Link: kickstarter.com/projects/1045484633/project-gorgon-a-new-approach-to-mmos
Shortened: http://kck.st/1AUt79l

Link: http://projectgorgon.com/play-now/
Shortened: http://bit.ly/1yjUjR4

And here is a cool set of links that Ratero has collected:

Wiki: http://project-gorgon.wikia.com

Web Page: http://projectgorgon.com/

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1045484633/project-gorgon-a-new-approach-to-mmos

Steam Greenlight: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=306606334

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GorgonMMO

Please post any links to additional reviews, videos and blogs about the game in this thread so others can share them in their favorite channels. If such a collection already exists, please link that here and accept my apologies for missing it in my search. :)

To the developers...

Eric and Sandra,
  • If you haven't already, touch base again with your buddies in the industry and ask them to spread the word around. You know that doing so will have exponential reach, and you know you'd do the same thing for them.
  • Start daily updates of the Kickstarter page. It shows activity, keeps the current audience engages, and it also gives more things to fans and press to link to. I know the hurdle there is that every moment blogging/updating is a moment that you're not able to get work done on the project, but the reality is that without funding there will be no project.

I wish you the best of luck with Project Gorgon, and I know a solid push during this crucial last week can help get the funding you need to bring it to release.