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How much is my house worth? / Finding a spot to place your home 101 [updated dec 30]

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Section 1: Placing your home

updateThis guide was originally written for those who were having problems placing homes when housing in Trammel first opened up (in the end of July). So parts 1 and 2 (which pertained to placing a home the day of and after housing opened) were out of date (since housing has been open for several months now), and so they were removed. Part 3 still applies though, so I left it. I also wrote a little bit on placing larger homes.

OK, it seems to me that some people still have been unable to place a home. Personally, I have placed 5 homes ( 2 large, 3 small, over several shards on 2 accounts). Here are some tips for you, to aide you in your quest:

3) For small houses: This is where the real fun begins, and where the focus of this guide is meant to be. Do not worry, there are always spots left. Its just a matter of finding them. First, Don't bother with large open areas, they will be full. This is almost a given, everyone always checks places where they know houses will fit. Second, Dont bother with any open area, cause if a house can fit there, odds are there is one there. This is the second place people go. Finally, the most important thing, compare "house" maps of the facets. This leads into the next point, look in the WOODS, not those little open areas in the woods, but the woods themselves. Were talking surrounded by trees, dark green on the radar map. This is where almost all of the leftover spots will be found. The key is to locate houses in the woods on one facet, then look and see if there is one there on the other facet. The vast majority of people never check the "pure" woods, they just look in the open areas and then pancake on message boards when they can't find a spot. This is much easier if you have UOAM, and even more helpful with 2 accounts, because then you dont need to use moonstones all the time. Also, check the edges of open areas, where the flat, light green ground meets the dark green wooden ground. For some reason, people feel as if all housing stops when the woods start. Not true. Many spots can be found on the edges of open areas, so the house is in half woods, half open area. I even saw a "classic-style" 2-story placed like this. be original. I even placed a small on pac where my guildhouse is on GL, mainly because the guildhouse is in the woods in a not so obvious place. Remember, you can place over most small impediments, including little trees and flowers. A good motto is "If its dead in fel, I can place over it in trammel." (note: trees without leaves are not dead. They are just trees without leaves. Remember this.)

Placing a larger home: Unforunately, there is no room left for large homes on all of the main U.S. shards. There is still room on SP and AOL legends, and the japanese shards. If you want to place a large home on a main shard, then you are going to have to watch homes and wait for a large to fall, so that you can put one in its place. Good luck there.

So to recap, compare facets/shards, and look in the woods. You may not get that brit cemm house, but a house in the woods is better than no house.

Section 2: How much can I sell my home for?

There are three determining factors that will determine how much your home will sell for: type, facet, and most importantly (10x more important than the others), location. The shard that a home is on does not play a great role in determining its value, prices are pretty much the same across the board. Any flucuation from shard to shard in price is covered in the large base price "zone."

First up, "base' prices for the different types of homes (number of secure containers in parenthesis). Remember, these are base prices, and are greatly influenced by the other two factors (which are discussed below):

Small "old style" one story home (3): 75-200K
Small "new style" multi level home (3): 100-250K
Small Tower (4): 200-450K
Sandstone home (6): 400-700K
Log Cabin (8): 800K-1.5 mil
Villa, Large Patio, Large Brick (8): 2-4 mil
Large Marble, Two-stories (10): 2.5-5 mil
Towers (15): 10-25 mil
Keeps (18): 15-30 mil
Castles (28): 50 mil+

Things to take note of about the different house types:
- Villas and Marble Patios are generally more desirable than there "old style" counterparts
- Keeps and Castles rarely sell for gold or items, almost all of them end up on Ebay.
- For sales of larger homes (from the Villa up), gold is usually not the only thing traded. Trades can include rares, other properties and other items; the prices reflected are the total worth of all items presented.
-As an example, a castle on GL fel sold, in 1999 (before duping/inflation craze, and trammel), for 15 mil gold, a complete set of monster statues, complete set of pheonix armor, 2 furny dye tubs, numerous hair dyes, a tower, a 2 story, several smalls, and some other, smaller items. In today's figures, the total items traded for the castle totaled well over 70 million.

The second determing factor is the facet that the house is located on. After viewing thousands of homes go for sale and be sold in UO, the following things are almost always true:
- trammel small homes sell for more than felucca small homes.
- Trammel large homes sell for less Felucca large homes.
- It makes no difference what facet a tower is on.
- Keeps and Castles on Felucca sell for a much larger amount than than their Trammel counterparts, usually because castles/keeps on trammel ice island and other areas are surrounded by 10 other castles/keeps.

The third, most important factor, is location. This can drive a homes value through the roof (higher than high end of base price), or kill it (lower end of base price). Here are example of locations that can greatly increase a home's value:
- being located near a city
- being in the guard limits of a city puts a homes value into the astronomical range.
- being near mountains for mining
- being near the brit x-roads
- being near the ocean
- being near or in a well-established player run shop or town
- if a larger home could placed in the same spot if the house were demolished (thanks to uorealtor for this one). For example, I own a large patio that is in a spot where I could demolish my large patio and replace it with a marble patio. This is not worthwhile to me at this time (as my home is full of stuff), but as a selling point could earn me more gold.
- being near "points of interest," ie dungeons, cemetaries, pvp hot spots. As an example, a fel small tower located at the entrance of brit cemm (a hot spot for pvp) sold for 2 million.

Things that can decrease a homes value include being in a heavy spawn area, having obstructions coming up through the floor of the home such as ferns (or even trees), or having pks for neighbor (in fel).

If your home is in a pretty much non-descript region, like the middle of nowhere in the woods, it'll probably sell in the region listed in the base prices.

Hope that helped, any constructive criticism is welcome.

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