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How Do I Explain

Phoebe Nox

It may appear to others that marbles rattle around in my head, exactly what I want them all to think, actually. Of coarse I am a bit bizarre, even to myself I can agree with that possibly. Yet my nightmares are real and I dream of everyone I know, some good dreams and some wake me screaming, the nightmares! For the most part I have always worked alone but time has come that I may need a coven, a group of three will work and a larger group is even better. Not sure who has unleashed the evils in this land but it seems to travel from one Dungeon to the next, unearthing the worst spirits of those dark caves and right now the demons in Hythloth are wrecking havoc on anyone going near and spewing out among the people, inhabiting their souls and drawing them to stay within the depths of that dungeon, many people i have heard have gone missing. What I want to know is what is behind all this, as always i shall blame the King. *Giggles* Its always easier to blame Blackthorn for anything misunderstood. So some of my gatherers are becoming wise to my tricks, like the toad soup, the logs enhanced with sleeping shades to intoxicate them with the smoke * which might I add I will continue* This time I do not think I will have to inebriate them, a simple lets go see if we can find a clue to what plagues our lands of Demons should do the trick, ya think? Well if not I can always blow some dust in their faces and drag them along. One thing good about my group of bon fire addicts is we have Chanticleer to defend us, Pappa......oops I best not murmur that or he will kill me.....