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Holiday raise


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There are many in Kijustsu Anei who go unseen in the night to do work that might not be considered the most honest line of work. At the head of a guild known for this kind of work is Ado of youkaiko. Ado had been away for a short while, taking a vacation to one of his many properties. The air is cold in the village, and the ground is starting to frost in the early evening. Winter has definitely arrived in Kijustsu Anei. The well hidden youkaiko gentlemens club was quiet this evening, and it's tired owner after his journey home climed the stairs to the second floor and opened the door to his office. Scanning the room he noticed Takara was sitting in his chair reading a paper. " 'Ey Takara. I heard reports that you was doin ' good holdin' m' fort down." he smirks. "It wasnt terribly hard. Glad to see you arent dead. " she chuckles. Ado walks in and shouves her out of his chair and sits. She moves to a chair across the room. "So i got m' idea fer th' holidays this year. We summon tha' krampus again like we did las' year. This time t' ensure it does not escape we start off with an offering an' then we-" Ado's words are interupted by a large man in crimson red robes who comes up behind him and slams the hilt of his sword into the back of his head causing ado to go unconcious, and slamming his head down on the table. Takara smirks and quietly chuckles. "I dealt with that krampus last year and I don't think we'll be doing that again. Oh... I forgot to tell you ado... You aren't in charge anymore. That means I call the shots now. Thank you for the raise. Oh... You are asleep. Old man can't stay awake on the job. Not a good sign... Les, deal with him. You know what to do." she nods to him. "I will get rid of him. I expect payment apron my return." the man grabs ado around the waist and pulls him up and makes his way towards the door. "yes, yes. I need to get to work on cleaning youkaiko up, and throwing some trash out, starting with ado. Happy holidays, ado. I hope that krampus follows you to the afterlife and tears you apart." the man chuckles and drags him out. Takara gets to work on signing a pile of documents. She looks out the window for a moment to see light snow, smiles, and then gets back to work.
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