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[Blacksmithing] Here's An Expert Tinkering/BS Question! :)

Capt. Lucky

Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
This kinda thing makes my head hurt lol. Hoping someone call tell me something. I'd like to make some brightly/neon colored pickaxes. The things I've read on this basically requires weapon stats and since the pickaxe is originally made with tinkering this gets muddled. Can this be done? Making brightly colored pickaxes doesn't seem real popular ;) so I'm having trouble finding info. This is for a deco thing so I don't care about anything but the color.


UO Forum Moderator
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Campaign Supporter
I've accumulated mine via loot - a bit harder now that the elemental amount seems to be tied into item weight (why most items emd up at 70%) since the change to the current property system, when previously the percentages were totally random (and elemental damage considered 1 100% property, be it 10% cold, 100% poison, or 50%/50% Fire/energy).

You can try to enhance for 100% one property for Fire, Cold and Energy, but with tinker enhancing, it's sometimes a crap-shoot as to whether the item will retain its previous color, brighten to neon, or take the color of the metal (I had a 70% fire cleaver go to bronze color last week when I enhanced it to 100% fire).