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Henge of Denravi - Honalee [Puff]


Stratics Veteran
What is Honalee?

Well we're not the next best rock 'em sock 'em PVP guild. Nor are we going to lay claim to the title of dungeon masters extraordinaire. We're not some 100+ mega guild ready to lay waste in WvW and we're definitely not in the running for most any other superlative out there you can think of.

Simply put, we're just a fun-loving little community of like-minded gamers and friends looking to grow. We place no requirement on how you play other than to respect, enjoy, and invest in our community. All facets of the game will be supported, from world events and dungeons to sPvP and WvW, but we won't pretend we'll dominate in any of them. We simply provide a tight-knit, casual, and mature community in which to share your gaming experiences and anything and everything in between.

The Members

We're a predominately American guild but welcome any member from any timezone that wants to join. Our guild had and has internationals playing with us and we appreciate and respect their company and contributions.

Our History

Our core group of the community has played together for the past 4 years and hopped around to different games, mostly residing for the past 3 years in a few WoW private servers. The exact chronology is a bit more convoluted than that but feel free to read more on the website or simply chat with us to find out more and get to know us better.

Who are we looking for?

We're simply looking for folks that want to join our community and have fun together. We ask that you have a certain level of maturity as we're all predominately adults and use this guild and game as a vehicle to 'escape to Honalee', if you will, and have some relief from the general stress of life. Due to this, we ask for applicants to be 16 years old or older. We realize this can unfortunately exclude the occasional rare mature under-16-er but from our past experience we've found it's been sadly not worth our while to do otherwise. Exceptions can be made at times for family members.

How to join?

Look around our website a bit (some forums have been made readable without having to sign up) and if you're still interested in joining, sign up and apply for membership. Hope to see you in the land of Honalee!


Got any further questions or just want to chat? You can email me at [email protected] or ask for my Skype name at that email address to voice chat.