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Health Bar Question


Hi :)

While I actually like most things about EC (except, of course, the orange fire steeds with no fire :D ), I have one question: Is there any way I can change the health bars to look like the old ones?

I would prefer to have just a health bar, no mana or stamina display, for my party members and pets; and I would like the actual health bar (the red part) to be a bit larger, and the surrounding background to be blue or green respectively (or grey / red, essentially just solid with the appropriate color!)

I must admit that I have failed to heal friends or party members on time because I didn't see their life going down while the mana/stamina was still high up. My mistake :/ but I am just so used to the bigger ones from the classic client.

Thanks for any inputs or hints. I'll gladly give it a shot at changing files, if that is possible or required, but wouldn't even know where to start.