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Guilds of Legends


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Please use this thread to list your guild. This will be useful for any new or returning players who are looking to join the community.

The following format is just a recommendation;
Guild Name:
Guild Abbreviation:
Guild Leader:
Guild Playstyle: (RP, Pvp, Pvm, or all)
Recruitment Policy:
Contact Information:

For nostalgia reasons, here is the link to the old guild thread.
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Babbling Loonie
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Guild Name: Legacy
Guild Abbreviation: LGC
Guild Leader: Drago Storm
Guild Playstyle: PVP, PVM
Recruitment Policy: None currently. We only have 2 active members :(
Contact information: ICQ me (icq in my tag) or PM me on the forums.


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Guild Name: The Fellowship of Skara Brae
Guild Abbreviation: FSB
Guild Leader: DevilsOwn
Guild Playstyle: (RP, Pvp, Pvm, or all) pvm, unless it's paintball night
Recruitment Policy: after getting to know you we just gotta like ya, and we pretty much like everybody
Contact Information: just holler for Dev or Uriah

like most things on Legends we are small, also :) currently six active members (altho two of them are very busy with new baby) - we can most often be found doing Ilsh spawns, digging up treasure chests and attending EM death marches

Giggles, thanks for this thread - there's a couple new guilds and I'm hopeful they'll post here, too


Crazed Zealot
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DevilsOwn are you sure we're up to six? Your not counting my alts are you?

*hands her pentagonal reading glasses* ;)


Guild Name: The United Family Of Legends!
Guild Abbreviation: U|F
Guild Leaders: Beowulf McLovin & Mad Mim
Guild Playstyle: ( PVM, PVP)
Recruitment Policy: We gotta get to know you and then the council votes on it.
Contact Information: Just ask for Beowulf McLovin or Mad Mim


Grand Poobah
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What the Heck

Zoogie Hunters of Sosaria
Guild Leader Tyrath
Playstyle PVM
Have not recruited since 2010
Guild Started in 2002 and centered around the Solen Hive, ZOOGI FUNGUS and making powder of translocation. In 2003 we hosted the first *Great Zoogie Hunt* a competition to gather as many ZOOGI FUngus over the Course of one Month and stack them on your lock down pile in the ZOOG contest House, At the end of the event the Zoogies were either returned to the Contestant or Purchased and the Top 3 collectors were awarded the prizes. Year One 1st place was 5 One Million Gold Checks, Second place 2.5 Million Gold, and Third place 1.25 Million. 2003-2009 the Great Zoogi Hunt was a Regular Legends event. In 2010 the Guild just kind of fell apart. A lot of people that were on daily and very active just were no longer logging on and by the end of 2010 there were only 5 ZOOGs still active. In 2018 there are two of us still active (Myself and Itchy Rash) I went through and removed everyone who had not logged in at all since 2010 a few months ago.

Have thought about trying to get ZOOG up and running again with enough members to engage in more difficult content.

Church of the Pervert
Guild Leaders: Old Uncle PERV, Lord Of The Perverts, Maximus Pervious, Rotten Stench, PERVERT.
Playstyle..... Peeking in Windows, Hiding in Clawfoot Tubs and just in general being Perverts.
Guild started in 2013 as a joke after I froze beside a young ladies house on Zento Square and some glitch had my character bowing every 20-30 seconds making it look like I was hiding in a bush and popping up looking in the house window. Anyway she came out and called me a Peeping tom and a real Pervert! A couple of folks have seen the guild tag and asked if PERV is recruiting. I am actually starting to take those request seriously. Who knows PERV might just be the Pervect Guild for some folks LOL. And no it not a sick and demented guild just something to have some fun with and yes I have been known to seek out public houses with claw foot tubs and sit naked in them until the owner logged in and then run out of the house screaming :) If you think you have what it takes to be a Pervert, I will consider you for membership and provide a short list of task for you to do to prove your Pervieness.


Stratics Veteran
Guild Name: Factor X
Guild Abbreviation: FX
Guild Leader: Kernix
Guild Playstyle: All
Recruitment Policy: Contact below. All are welcome
Contact Information: ICQ: 662837415

We are active and available. Very helpful core group and are very knowledgeable. Drop me a line if interested.



Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Guild Name: The Real ONZU
Guild Abbreviation: ONZU
Guild Leader: Moment of Truth
Guild Playstyle: PvP/PvM
Recruitment Policy: Talk to anyone flying the tag. :D