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Guild Spotlight - Knights of Darkness



We know that in order to get the full experience that Age of Conan can deliver, one must head into battle with friends at your side. Finding a good guild that fits with what you are looking for in game, be it raiding, player vs player, or just roleplaying is a serious undertaking.

We hope to bring you spotlights of the guilds that represent the movers and shakers, the guilds that are small and inviting and those who sit by fires and tell stories. Welcome to the AoC Stratics Guild Spotlight!

This week we feature a guild on the Derketo server who has made several server firsts, including construction of the first battlekeep. Currently recruiting players who lean toward the hardcore end of the play style spectrum, The Knights of Darkness is our first guild spotlight.

Check out their feature here!

Know a guild that is a leader on your server, made some outstanding strides or adds to the Age of Conan experience? If so, please send Seridove an email with your recommendation. Make sure to include a link to the nominated guild's website!


Very well done - looking forward to do a spotlight on Retribution :party: