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Grog, his story.

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Long ago there came to Sosaria a man named Grog. He found the land to be fine and settled in a shard called Great Lakes. He soon had a son and as Grog is a perfectly fine name, he named his son Grog. When he had a second son he knew that Grog was still a fine name so that son also was named Grog. And so it went...

Today there are over 60 Brothers_Grog in the Grog Guild representing every known shard of the shattered Gem. The main quarters of the Grog guild is in the very fine shard of Catskills. There are also Cousins_Grog in every shard and they are Grog guilded as is a lone Second Cousin_Grog in the Catskills shard. There is a Sister named Cayenne and on the Cousin side there is a lone female with the name of Ruby (RL wife's name). It is rumored that Ruby is an elf.

The Brothers had built a home in Great Lakes but when a better home became available in Catskills (gift from friends) they gladly gave away their cabin and Crafter Grog moved the Grog treasures to Catskills to join that branch of the family. Recently the Cousins came along and they built a small building in Catskills as well. Very recently along came a Second Cousin who also built a structure.

The three buildings of Grog now comprise the Grog Village. If one starts at the pyramid in the Malas desert and travels east they will soon come upon the Grog home. The rest of the Village is the next two buildings directly to the North East.

The lower building is the living quarters for the Grogs. The middle building is the Grog Warehouse. And the upper building is the brand new Grog Guildhouse. All the building are open to friends and strangers alike. There may be found a small number of vendors that sell off quite cheaply whatever is brought home. As an example all treasure maps are sold at the flat rate of 100 gold pieces.

The Grog Guildhouse is rapidly becoming the showplace of the family. All locked down containers are available for all to look through. If one looks about the Guildhouse carefully there are a few small surprises to amuse and befuddle most visitors. The Guildhouse is a work in progress and will continue to grow.

For those familiar with UOForums the Grog Guild is pleased to announce that Grog is the very first representative of a new forum for Shard Wide Guilds.

You don't have to be insane to work here, but it helps.


*Sets out a couple kegs of ale, some bottles of wine (cheap) and several bottles of liquor*

I am at the Grog Guildhouse. If you want to eat there is food on the tables. A lot of meat and even some fruit *shudder* for the "wimps" amongst us. If you look closely you will see that the Brothers provide food in quite ample quantities. Enjoy!

If not breakfast then how about a late party? Either way I am into it!


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
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****Wanders into kitchen, brews pot of coffee looks at beers on table, checks time...nope, not quite four O' clock yet.****

Thanks fer the breakfast there Sir Grog. Last night I attempted to begin training my Bake's and as soon as I got them to a large castle in Ilsh/Justice they were killed by a chaos dragoon Elite (Paragon) so, after 2 attempts of my pets and I being slaughtered I returned with my reptalon and slayed him. I didn't know that those guys were so strong (at least the paragon was).

****Grabs a banana, pours a cup of coffee and heads off to work****


I think is is fitting that this post be secured to the top of the Catskills forum. Grog will be deeply missed, he did so much for the Catskills community.


...you still won UO as far as Im concerned.

Do rest in peace, fine sir.

Truly sad news for all past, present and future players.


*raises a mug of ale*

To you, sir. You're still in my thoughts and still deeply missed.


* raises a mug of ale *

... mumbles something, obviously not in the best of moods...
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