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Great review of Age of Conan - Right on the money


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
You really think everyone is an idiot?
You post a link to your own review (by a writer not bought and paid for by Funcom advertising rofl) not to mention that you are in fact (or at least claim to be) owner of a games studio.
Your credibility = zero.

Next time don't use this sig in another FC bashing post.
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Blog: http://www.muckbeast.com


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Stratics Legend
Yeah, I'm obviously trying to be sneaky since I give all the facts right in my sig. In addition to making games, I am also paid to write about them. Kinda smart that there are sites out there who want to hire writers that actually know the business, eh?

Nice work, Sherlock Holmes. You really sleuthed that out.

Here's the review:

Age of Conan Review

Here's my blog post about it:

Age of Conan is a Hot Mess