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[Feedback] Grats YOU WIN!


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Ok there plots have been won in Magincia, good.

Can you paste a nice large YOU WIN on screen insted of some little gump thing..

Also noticed you can still buy tickets..
Need to limit how many floor hights you can go to stop any greifing from player infront of you.

Also a limit on house tilles would be nice, all you need is some borg cube thing all mixed tille collors.
Would it be possible to let you grow some plants around the outside of your house on lot?
You could be fore house was placed , but now says excides limit, when you try.

Being able to plant a few new type of trees is some areas would be nice for added deco look..

Whats the chance of vegie plants , you have the art for it .
If anything just for looks, and some players may enjoy it..