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General Questions



Thinking about getting the game.

1: Is there much to do as far as just running around exploring or is everything quest driven? For example, in some games there are plenty of regular dungeons where you can go off and do a dungeon crawl just for fun.

2: I've got a 3.0Ghz machine (Pentinum 4) with 3GB of RAM and a 128MB video card. Is the game playable on that? I know what the tech specs say, but often they don't pan out well IRL.

3: I've got a friend to play with - can two people do most of the content?

4: Does this work on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine?



Another quick question:

1: Is the game "classy". Let me explain.

Many games count on "gimmicks" to get attention - or they corrupt the story line with questionable material. Examples would be the gay sex scene in "Dragon Age: Origins", the sunglasses in UO, or the option to run around with full frontal nudity in Mortal Online.

Frankly, I don't care if people want to get their thing on in a video game - that is their business, not mine. That said, I don't really want to be in a game world that is trying to make headlines by putting in blue material nor do I wish to be in a game world with such a cluttered development vision that ninjas and sunglasses make there way into what is ostensibly a British medieval setting.

It seems to me that lately 'innovation' in the MMORPG community involves a competition as to who can make the most graphic decapitation or the most graphic sexual content.

LOTRO strikes me as bein a classy game.
Does it play out that way?


Dont know much about tech spec. but i think a 128mb graphic is low for this game. i got a 512 and i run near 2-35 fps with a similar computer than yours.

2fps is when i got +15 mobs and players on screen.

No sunglasses, no nudity or sexual content. No undress. The max undress u may have is no shoes, not gloves, shoulders or helmet.