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Gamebreakertv:League of Legends LCS Drama - OMGLoL Ep11 (Video)


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Boy things really hit the fan with IGN and some of the sites we are so used to using as gamers are gone. Gamespy gone! 1up gone! Financial woes has taken it's toll on IGN and they are going to focus more on their central site.

Enjoy the gamebreakertv video

League of Legends LCS Drama - OMGLoL Ep11 (Video)

Written by: Troy Blackburn (@InnerGeekZone) | February 28, 2013 1:34 pm

This week’s OMGLoL Episode 11 has Gary Gannon and Shaun “FourCourtJester” Delaney talking about IGN restructuring and putting IPL up for sale.

The rumors of internet powerhouse IGN’s financial troubles seem to be confirmed as they are forced to restructure, close several sites, and put the IGN pro-league up for auction, including the IPL events which takes a bit of a hit now that Riot runs their own League of Legends LCS event. IGN CEO Ziff Davis revealed plans to close down GameSpy and 1UP amongst other sites as the first step in the restructuring plan. Davis is in talks with interested parties regarding the sale of the IGN pro-league, but so far there have been no statements saying that the upcoming IPL 6 event has been affected.
Curse Pluto moving from Curse to IPL

Curse Gaming sportscaster Curse Pluto aka PlutoIsNotAPlanet has left Team Curse citing the Curse LoL team’s involvement with the Riot League of Legends LCS as a major reason he is no longer needed at Curse. In what has to be some of the worst luck ever, he had planned to move to IPL, which as you just read, seems to be in trouble, and is probably not the most stable of work environments at the moment. The situation left Pluto essentially homeless, and he is now shacking up with Vulcun Command temporarily. He does have temporary work with Machinima, but things look to be tough for the shoutcaster right now. We wish him the best of luck going forward.
Vulcun Command Goes 3-0 in League of Legends LCS Week 3

After starting the first two weeks of NA League of Legends LCS play 0-6, Vulcun exploded last week with a 3-0 performance that kicked off with a huge victory over CLG. They followed up with victories over compLexity and MRN to move themselves out of the bottom spot in the North American standings of the League of Legends LCS. You can read our full review of the week 3 games, and check out weekly reviews and previews each and every week right here on Gamebreaker.