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[Peacemaking] gaining peacing

  • Thread starter YuriGaDaisukiDa
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is area peacing yourslef relentlessly really the best way to train peacemaking?

i am only at like 44 and it is probly the slowest skill i have ever raised, im not even getting many gains on successes which are rare

Kazumi the Wild

at really low levels, it might be worth it using target peacing - you can get that ~50% success rate, which might boost gains.

Once you get to ~60-70%, it'll probably go... somewhat... faster.

I'm at 104ish now, and man, it goes slower than molasses.

Old Man of UO

In the 2 D client, you can set a UO macro to use next target-last target and then play your instrument (last object). Then you can walk through a spawn area and just hold down the assigned macro key. I got to 115 in peace (and using the same for discord to about 100) is short order. The pixie spawn was especially good for 70-90 discord gain.

It doesn't work quite as well for provoke, though.


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Are you talking about a UOA mmacro or a macro that you can set deirectly in the 2d client?
Ive been at 120 music/peace since AOS release but never been arsed to train discord.


in in the 90's now in peace ^_^ yay for sieges rot system, makes gaining the slow skills so much easier

i might buy some soul stones and try out the pure bard ive always wanted to try


yes area peacing yourself is the easiest way to peace train. You can do it in safetly, and takes exactly the same amount of time as peacing a monster.

Find a nice quiet area with some non agressive creatures about, and use uoassit to set up a huge long macro to peace yourself every 10 seconds (or what ever the delay is).

Then.. well, be bored forever.


Peacing yourself (area-peacing) is a great way to get started. Its even effective too the mid 80's, but it is all in where you area peace! I have a Tamer/Bard/Mage with 120 music / 120 peace. The best advice i can give, and used to great effect, is to purchase yourself a boat. go get that sucker in the water and tape your music or peace macro button down (uoa long macros work well too), and sail in a straight line. If you don't gain after a few minutes move to the right a couple tiles and continue. Boring as hell? yup!! but extremely effective. I have raised peace to mid 80's twice in this manner and music to gm 3 times. (warning! with all the nerfs and changes to uo over the past years might have nerfed this as well, its not 8x8, you don't have to be near server lines for it to work). Wish the best of luck to you! (note* i have never tried this with disco or provo, although i have been told ways to do it. drawback is those required the old 8x8.)

Old Man of UO

Much faster to set a UO macro to
Next Target,
Use Skill Peacemake,
Wait for Target
Target Last
Then click on the instrument you want to use, walk through a large spawn (such as Oaks, Jhelom farms, etc) and hold down your macro key as you wander. You can the same thing with UOA and using multiple instruments.

It's much faster skill gain above about 50 skill to target individual creatures for the peacemaking skill rather than area peace.


I 120'd peace in about a day (i had 80ish music before i started i heard you break less instruments)

I went to the wisp dungeon in ilsh and just peaced myself,

If i remember right the macro was use skill, wait for target, target self


If you have a G15 keyboard, macro's are much easier.

Until I come up with a better way, you need to make a macro that uses the skill, then targets yourself. On the G15, make a macro for a keystroke where your uo macro sits.

Set the G15 macro to repeat and don't forget to put a delay in the macro, 12 seconds (12000 millisecs). Mine is assigned to the G1 key, I toggle it and let it do it's thing while I'm running around doing other things.

I just came back after being away for about 6+ years, this is killing me to have to relevel a new guy. I should have never deleted all my characters (only way to break the addiction).