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Fundamental Podcast Design & Implementation - Suggestions


Stratics Veteran
As the title indicates, I'm in charge of currently assessing the needs and delivering in the creation, editing and production of the WoW Stratics Podcast, and in doing so I have attempted to create a somewhat straightforward approach to the editing process.

However, I believe that it can be improved with some significant design alterations, possibly more segmented areas within, with more definition between points, breaking up the monotony of the whole listening experience.
So I decided to create this thread, somewhere people who actively listen to the WoWStraticsPodcast can come and post ideas, and more importantly help make the podcast that YOU want to listen to.

So far the idea list is as follows (not all implemented as of yet) -

- Q & A Section near the end (this is now implemented each week, but needs it's own trail)

- Stings between topic changes (Nearly finished in terms of editing, just waiting for implementation)

- News Section each podcast (This is actually my highest priority for the next podcast- edited in seperately with it's own sting between main podcast points).

This list of working idea will be updated if you post something below that we agree would be an addition to the production, so please feel free to get posting your ideas!! :)
Remember as an outline, I'm aiming to make the WoW Stratics Podcast one of the best WoW Podcast around! So let's set the bar high.


WoW Staff Writer | WoW Moderator
Stratics Veteran
I really like the concept of Q&A especially. Hoping to see some actual feedback from people outside the production!