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Free Daily Raffle Begins Sunday, 11/23 @ 7pm Eastern

Inkboy the Wild

Stratics Veteran
** Due to the issues with accessing the Catskills Shard, the beginning of the fourteen days of, free, raffles will be postponed. The first raffle, item currently on display, at the Community Center Luna will begin on Monday at 7:00pm ET. Each raffle is limited to the first forty people in attendance to claim tickets. Subsequent raffles will occur, daily, following the schedule provided below. The item for the upcoming raffle will be put on display at the end of each raffle. Items being raffled have a value of 60,000 gold up to 5,000,000 gold.

Monday - 7pm Eastern Time
Tuesday - 9pm Eastern Time
Wednesday - 11pm Eastern Time
Thursday - 8pm Eastern Time
Friday - 7pm Eastern Time
Saturday - 10pm Eastern Time
Sunday - 12pm Eastern Time
Monday - 8pm Eastern Time
Tuesday - 11pm Eastern Time
Wednesday - 8pm Eastern Time
Thursday - 9pm Eastern Time
Friday - 9pm Eastern Time
Saturday - 8pm Eastern Time
Sunday - 3pm Eastern Time

--- Time changes, for each day, are to assist with allowing all interested players to partake in the raffle. ---

The Elven Song Community Center Luna is located just a short walk from Luna's North Gate heading directly to the mountains. Raffles will take place in the Community Theater, please see the signs by teleporter tiles for the correct entrance.

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Inkboy the Wild

Stratics Veteran
We are happy to announce that the raffles have been a great success! I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to participate and visit the Community Center during the raffles! It is a pleasure to have you in the audience. There is a book, in the Community Theatre, which has the dates and times for each raffle. The next raffle will be held at 11:00pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, November 26. Hope to see you there! There are still many more days of raffles left, with the last daily raffle ending on Sunday, December 7th. Wednesdays items will be two million gold, 1,000 Valorite Ingots, 10,000 Crossbow Bolts and a Heavy Crossbow of spell channeling with some very nice stats!