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[Imbuing] Figured I would post some recent metrics for resources used to reach 120 Imbuing

TheflY of LS

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Good afternoon, all,

I thought it might be helpful to have some up-to-date numbers for the supplies I used to reach 120 imbuing.

I used this guide for the most part, which was extremely helpful, with the exception of unraveling until 75 skill. I tried this at first until I reached 47.2 in Imbuing skill, but it took quite awhile to gather enough bags of junk items, so I figured I would just bite the bullet and pay up on the cost of the gems from the various NPCs.

Keep in mind, I just returned to UO about a month ago, and this was pretty much ALL I have been doing since my return. It was a royal pain in the butt, but should be worth it in the long run.

Anyway, now for the numbers:

I used approximately 11,000 amber and about 19,000 citrines to get from 47.2 to 120.0 Imbuing. I also used approximately 19,000 magical residue to reach 120.0 Imbuing from 47.2 skill. These numbers are fairly accurate, as I kept a spreadsheet going the whole way through training (I would say within 1,000 accuracy for any of the required resources). I wish I had kept track of the time it took, but alas, I did not. All I can say is that it was pretty painful, and required a lot of beers to keep my sanity. Haha. In case it matters to anyone, I used a smith with 120.0 Blacksmithing skill, 100.0 mining (105.0 with the mining gloves), and 100.0 Arms Lore. Hope this helps anyone who wants to train Imbuing up in the future.

Be well,


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Mine was significantly less painful.....I used a mythic token to get the skill to 90 and then I ate [email protected] 5.0 imbuing pinks.....all told it took me about 3 mins and 45 seconds......3 mins of which I was afk . No resources used ...well other the the gold checks and visa gold!


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I didnt use that much. Here is my method (your link is broken):
Always imbue the cheapest mod, just work from different basic items.
Imbue normal items then gm items, then gm items in dull copper, then gm item in gold. I dont recall if I crafted basic items with runic to finish, anyway it wa cheap, fast and inexpensive.


Stratics Veteran
Im at 109.9 so far and have never imbued anything, only unraveled and stockpiled all the imbuing resources. I have a scroll of alacrity I will probably use at 115 to speed things up a bit near the end. Ive been doing this casually along the way for a couple months.