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Few questions



People asked about housing and sieging, but what I didn't get from it:
If you have a house, people asked ifthey could break in. What I;m more worried about...can someone destroy it? Heh..log in to see ballistae bolts in your walls.

Also on sieges, what If you're offline? Would be cool to get a communication line open with your clan (IE keep a list of a way to contact ppl immediately, be it messengers, or phone if it's urgent. Would really depend on the clan though)

And this isn't a question so much as a statement...This will be the game I play until I drop dead. I haven't seen anything more than a screenshot, a movie, read the FAQ's, and I'm hopelessly addicted!

When I get in there.... :gun::gun::gun:


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And the answer is yes they can destroy your house if they have proper siege weapons as i have read in the darkfall forums.


You can't just go take someone's town without warning. You'll declare war or declare Siege or whatever they'll call it, and then there's some time the defenders will have to prepare before you can take their town. So no sneaking some people in and snatching their town when everyone's sleeping, unless they choose to be sleeping despite knowing ahead of time they're going to be attacked...

Also, when you're going to attack someone's town, your town is freely attackable by anyone else WITHOUT warning.

Also, even if you do take someone's town, you can only slowly change/destroy it. So the original owners will have opportunities to take back their town without it being completely changed/in ruins...