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NEWS [Feb 15, 2019] February EM Events (lake austin)


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It is so seldom I have a shot at an event, I didn't get in on this until the last 20 minutes or so. <sigh> Imagine my surprise when I took my smith to Minoc to get some BODs! Greeted by 2 daemons right away. Hadn't caught the event stuff until tonight - after getting ambushed!

Whee! Went back home and swapped in the Paladin. He was doing pretty well until he got a named Daemon, a Fire Daemon and an Arcane Daemon on him all at once. Too much - bandages couldn't keep up so I advanced to the rear (SJ home!!). Poor bloke is figuratively licking his wounds but thirsts for a second chance at this! <grin>

Ohhh! A Fire Daemon in appearance but named GrimmOmen! Hmmmm!