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Fantasy Football 2017

Great DC

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I enjoy fantasy football and usually do a couple leagues every year, but im not hardcore into it. Ive always placed in top three of every league.

One tip I could provide is make sure when picking your players that you pay attention to bye weeks, you can end up having 2-3 extra losses by having too many of your starters sitting for a bye week at the same time. Also QB's are only rated higher then defense and kicker, make sure you get better backs and receivers an TE first. QB's rarely make or break a winning season. I had cam newton last year and he played awful, and I still lost in the championship by only a few points, finished 2nd place.


The Enchanter
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I did about 5-6 Leagues last year. ALWAYS Yahoo. I've generally been a major NFL fan for a long time, but last year it drained on me with all the Kaepernick drama. I'm a Steelers fan, so hoping Ben and Co. can get it done if they can get past Brady. Anyway, here are some random thoughts and comments:

If you're playing a Points-per-reception league... look at teams that pass it the most. Also look at teams that throw short passes to RBs a lot (i.e., the Saints). I used to pick up Darren Sproles every year, even though he wasn't a starter, he would get 4-5 grabs and often do just as well as many starting RBs even though he was more of a third-down specialist.

I only do snake-draft leagues. I have found auction type drafts always to be ridiculous. Someone will blow 80% of their budget on a top player, and then give up halfway through the draft (and season) and anyone facing them ends up with an advantage in their record.

"the QBs from these six teams will face the toughest defensive schedules. Denver, Seattle, NYGiants, Minnesota, Houston and Jacksonville."
Interesting comment. In addition to the tough schedule, maybe aside from NYG & Eli, none of those teams have good quarterbacks. I don't see any of those teams making the playoffs this year.

@Blackie who are you seeing as top RBs / WRs?