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[Imbuing] expert Artificer help needed....


Stratics Veteran
Hello there,

i would like to craft armourparts with 10 Stamina increase, with much hpi. Manareg and lmc i would like to imbue.It´s all for my Archer. I like to get 210+ Stamina. to reforge These Items i like to use an horned sewing kit with powerful, grand artifice, inspired artifice, animated of haste.
Is that the right way to create a 210+ armour for my Archer or is there another or better way to do this ?
It´s not a Problem to spend much Gold to buy runic´s, artifact´s or ressources.
I just dont wanna waste time,items and Gold, cause i didnt know what im doing there.

Any Ideas & suggestions are welcome...

thx for your help


Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I would use a barbed runic kit and pick:

Animated / of Haste and Mystic / of Sorcery with powerful charge.

Then hope for something like:

10 stam
mana inc


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Yes, if you use a barbed kit, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to get the HPI.

Is smithing an option? You could use a copper hammer (or mallet and chisel) to get clean 10 Stam pieces and imbue the rest as needed.

You could try using horned kits with 2 titles the Animated/Haste package and the Mighty/Vitality package to get some HPI, and it is possible that you'd have 2 free slots to imbue. I've done this with Agapite hammers using different properties. Plan on using a LOT of kits before you get a piece you like thought. I think I used about 10 hammers to get 1 piece I wear.