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[Event Fiction] The Britain Bugle

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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The Britain Bugle
All the News That’s Fit To Print!

Man in Guard Custody Laid To Rest

It seems that after the commotion caused in the recent arrest of some of our fellow journalists, if they could be called that, at the Britain Beacon, that two warrants were issued for Drakar Thantz and for Jamison Tort. With a volunteer force of extra guards and a few civilians, Tort was located in the wilds of the Lost Lands and injured severely. It seems that despite the best efforts of those present, Jamison Tort succumbed to his wounds at an undisclosed location late last night. The Guard was reached for comment and Captain Gwendolyn Irina responded to our requests. Her statement read, “It is extremely regrettable that we were not able to save Mr. Tort’s life, but he died from his injuries sustained prior to when we found him. Unfortunately he was unable to assist us in our investigation. Since he had no living relatives nor claimants, his body was cremated and his ashes spread. Due to the fact he was severely in debt to several individuals and organizations his meager belongings will go to auction after they have been catalogued and sold to repay what debt is possible.” Reginald of the Lycaeum was also reached for comment, and he described Tort as a ‘brilliant, eager researcher of all things in his field of mycology’ but that he had a ‘terrible addiction to gambling’ and that he hoped that Jamison was at peace.

Empress to Host Public Banquet and Address

In the wake of the New Year the Empress of Tokuno is throwing a banquet and feast to go along with her customary Tokunese Address. In previous years this was held privately for privileged members of the Tokunese Elite, but this year it will be open to all. In preparation the Empress has her people working on both an outdoor and indoor venue that will be available, but she said “It is with hope that the weather shall be well for our banquet, as the beauty of our city can be appreciated best under its blue skies.” According to inside sources the feast will be very well supplied with foods of both Tokunese and Britannian descent in preparation for the new guests. An advisor of the Empress’ also let us know that they are seeking anyone who may wish to volunteer to assist in this peaceful banquet and welcoming exercise in the spirit of togetherness, and that any human or elf interested should contact them. More information can be found on the back cover.

Olin Brash Arrested, Warrant for Drakar Thantz

Recently the offices of the Britain Beacon were unceremoniously burst into by members of the Royal Guard, led by the brusque and forceful Captain Gwendolyn Irina who was conducting a raid of the building. According to the released information from the Guard the offices of the Britain Beacon Publishing Company were burst into over suspicion of fraud and money laundering, and the sole employee on duty that evening was arrested. Olin Brash, famed conspiracy theorist was taken to the Yew Prison for questioning where he currently resides. The offices of the Britain Beacon Publishing Company are closed at present, and the search goes on for the owner, Drakar Thantz. An arrest warrant has been issued for Mr. Thantz or anyone who might know his whereabouts, as well as a small cash reward for information leading to his arrest.

Snowy Days and Holiday Ways

The annual snowfall this season was lighter than it has been in previous times as folk all around Britannia and elsewhere got ready to celebrate their customary holidays. Tales of Sugarplum Fairies, Santa Claus, Snowmen, and other whimsical stories filled the air this year as visits were heard of and seen by many of these mysterious figures. A contest was also held in which many people decorated their homes for the seasons festivities, and our reports conclude that those who claimed the top three spots were as follows. In third place was a fellow by the name of Columbus and his holiday home, in second place was the notorious sometime criminal Gareth of Tokuno with an immense tree of truly gargantuan proportions, and in first place was Jade and her holiday workshop. Congratulations to the winners.

(OOC: Back Cover information is that those wishing to help as waiters and waitresses for the feast and banquet need to email the following information to [email protected] AND [email protected] . Only Human and Elf characters are accepted for this due to clothing limitations. Information required is: Name, Gender, Human or Elf, and you must be available 45 minutes prior to the start of the event on Sunday the 8th at 7 PM EST. That means you will need to be available in game at no later than 6:15 PM EST. Food/Drinks to serve will be provided, so please come with a somewhat empty pack. All wishing to volunteer MUST send in their emails no later than Midnight Thursday Night. Thank you! )