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[Buying] EM Sashes


Lore Keeper, Wiki Maker, & Doer of Crazy Things
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I currently own 175 of the 214 of the EM sashes that have been created so far. I am trying to complete my collection, if anyone owns any of these sashes and can help. These are all spelled exactly as listed here, human sashes unless otherwise mentioned.

I can pick up on any shard. I can pay on Atlantic, Chesapeake, or I can try to pay elsewhere. Please PM or ICQ and let me know your price! Thanks! :)


Greetings From EM Hanarin, 2012
Greetings From EM Takako - Arirang 2012
* NOT Greetings From EM Takako - Formosa 2011

Greetings From EM Dedalus

Greetings From EM Eris - Atlantic 2010
Greetings From EM Sykobri
Greetings from EM SykoBri
Greetings From EM Taweret, Atlantic 2013 (gargoyle sash)

Greetings From EM Crysania-Baja 2010
* NOT Greetings From EM Crysania - Napa Valley 2011

Greetings from EM MunKey - Balhae 2012
* NOT Greeting from EM MunKey - Formosa 2012

Greeting From EM Cernunnos

Greetings From EM Tailspin!

Greetings From EM Borbarad [Drachenfels]
Greetings From EM Immortal
Greetings From EM Immortal [Drachenfels]
Greetings From EM Sirius [Drachenfels]
Greetings From Sirius [Drachenfels]
Happy Easter Greetings 2015 From EM Lyraa! (gargoyle sash)

EM Emile Layne II - The Continuing Story Of Europa (gargoyle sash)

Great Lakes
Greetings From EM Iatu
Greetings From EM Ziv

EM Orix Was Rescued From Evil Bandits - Greeting Izumo 2012 (gargoyle sash)

Lake Superior
Greetings From EM Autolycus
Greetings From EM Quantum
Greetings From EM's Quantum And Autolycus
Salutations From EM Aname
Salutations From EM Autolycus

Napa Valley
Greetings From EM Thomas Pyewacket [Napa Valley 2011]

Greetings From EM Aeon
Greetings from EM Dexter

Hola! From EM Sangria - Pacific 2013
* NOT EM Sangria Has Been Glued To Origin 2012
* NOT Greetings Baja! From EM Sangria 2012
* NOT Greetings From EM Sangria 2010
Greetings from EM Cyno Razik
* NOT Greetings From Pacific EM Cyno Razik!
Salutations From EM Corathan - Pacific 2014
Greetings From EM Montagne 2012

Greetings From EM Amairgen
Greetings From EM Stardancer
Greetings Somoma from EM Sangria
* NOT Greetings Sonoma From EM Sangria
Greetings from EM Eira

Floater EMs (not sure which shard had the sash distribution)
Greetings From EM Kaen
Greetings from EM Vespera