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[Selling] EM Items & Rares - Available on Atlantic **Updated 3/22/23**


EM Items currently on Auction Safes located Atlantic Shard
2 Locations!
1 Located in the farthest corner of Malas!
1 New Location 1 Screen West of Tram Trinsic Moongate!
Teleport Tile inside will bring you to each location!

Don't hesitate to haggle!
All Prices Negotiable!

If you need a rune to the new location, please feel free to message me!
Or, do a search on Vendor Search ATL for "Scratch'n'Sniff" or "Eliot"


Festive Elven Piglet - 1.2p

Statue Of Vervialem, Champion Of Gargoyle Unity - 1.2p (Currently on Catskills. Can transfer to ATL by request)

The Knights Of Sacrifice Radiating Shield Of Protection - 900m

Champion Of Britannia - 1p

A Small, Gently Humming Tree Of Balance - 400m

Holiday Poinsetta Hand Grown By A Festive Winter Elf - 350m

Peace Rose - 700m

Jaana's Skeleton - Make Offer

The Seanchaidhe's Book Of Fairy Tales - 300m

Advanced Quantum Physics Textbook - 300m

The Lich Umbria's Midnight Grimoire - 325m

A Medicinal Recipe - 350m

The Recipe For Serpentwyne - By The Brotherhood Of The Rose - 250m

Explosive Fire That Torched The Lycaeum - 1.3p

Your Soul! - 600m

Hollow Branch - 4 drop (2 of each hue) - Make Offer

Heart Of The Inferno - 2p (Make offer)

Cheers To The New Year 2020 - 550m

Roll Of Arms For The Lost Kings Of Akalabeth - 750m

A Rare Sand Speckled Sapphire From Nujel'm - 700m

Orb Of Daemonic Subjugation - 450m

Skystone Shard - 600m

Fire-Singed Elven Treasure Box - 300m

A Blood Soaked Deadwood Tree Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane: Ashmedai - 2p

The Shaman's Corrupted Life Power - 750m

Midnight Arrows Of A Shifting Sands Rogue - 1p

Statue Of Cupid, The God Of Desire - 500m

Grindylow's Song - 1.25p

A Candle Whose Light Glistens From The Prismatic Breath Of The Dragonlord - 1.2p

Pumpkin Spider Statue - 500m

Fuddy Wuddys Beach Ball Volleyball - July 2016 - 300m

Enchanted Figurehead Carved By The First Mate Of HMS Laura - Range from 450m per

Don't like a price? Contact me with offers!
ICQ - 36915068

My Wish List!
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