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EM Item Selling List


Lore Master
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Stratics Legend
All Items posted with prices and open to offers as well. ICQ Me, Discord or PM me here.

ICQ - 302081921

Discord - Jonas624#1622


1655589947054.png A Scrap Of Memory Torn From The Mind Of Charlotte Amandine Showing The Murder Of Her Family 2011 Atlantic - 700m

1655590301772.png Ritual Rune 1/15 Formosa 2012 - 600m

1655590678081.png Bloodied Primitive Idol Representing The Gluttonous Orcish Diety Called Bludgod - 2014 Atlantic 1/20 - 1P

1655591505821.png Celebrating The Chinese New Year Of 2012 - 2012 Formosa (Part of the Red Packet Box) - 250m

1655740062093.png A Reticulan Faceplate - Lake Superior 2019 1/40 - 600m

1655740205646.png An Unhatched Harpy Egg - Lake Superior 2017 1/20 - 800m

1655740473438.png Holiday Lights (Lake Superior 2010) - 2010 Lake Superior - 200m each (have 2)
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Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
1655738700938.png Painting Of A Boy Called "Addie" Walking Hand In Hand With The Time Lord Into The Ethereal Void - 2011 Atlantic - 700m

1655739088399.png The Frosty Wind Of Anodunos - 1/15 Great Lakes 2013 - 700m

1655739149851.png Painting By Lord Travesty - 1/15 Pacific 2011 - 1.5P

1655739331563.png An Obsidian Statue Of Obsidian Celebrating One Year On Baja March 2017 - Baja 2017 *hue 2101 (may have been dyed) - 250m

1655739430454.png Plant Of Divine Punishment - Asuka 2018 1/30 - 1.3P

1655739477296.png Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can Do More, Volunteer Thank You Advisors - Lake Superior - Lake Superior 2015 1/25 - 750m

1655739552156.png Blue Weld Stuffy Original Handsewn One At A Time By Merrick - Lake Austin 2015 - 700m

1655739644131.png A Piece Of Rock Used To Build The Museum Of Mystery - Lake Superior 2016 1/15 - 300m

1655739770916.png An Icy Patch - Yamato 2016 1/20 - 700m (Hue is actually 1153 white not the blue shown in the image)

1655739838455.png Happy Halloween! From EM Roenick And EM Obsidian Atlantic 2018 1/50 - 200m
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Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
1655964212880.png Servant Of Tal'Keesh - Napa Valley 2004 (Link is for Hue 93, I have 5 Hues available - 92,93,95,192,193) - 400m each

1655964286681.png A Jade Monkey Stolen From The Emperor's Garden - 1/20-25 Drachenfels 2014 - 1P

1655964328831.png A Jade Horse Stolen From The Emperor's Garden - 1/10 Drachenfels 2013 - 1.75P

1655964401827.png A Carefully Sculpted Statue Of A Mythical Gryphon Hunted To Extinction By Poachers - 1/15 Napa Valley 2014 - 1.75P

1655964648260.png The Roasting Pig King - 1/15 Napa Valley 2016 - 1.2P

1655964866992.png A Jar Of Pancake Make Up - 1/10 Sonoma 2013 - 600m

1655964993255.png Taryns Book Of Travels - 1/10 Oceania 2014 - 750m

1655965277937.png Alchemical Flask Containing The Essence Of Life - 1/30 Napa Valley 2020 - 325m

1655965393276.png Self Portrait - 1/10 Napa Valley 2013 - 900m

1655965487405.png Flask Of Anti-Rabies Serum - 1/10 Napa Valley 2012 - 1.2P

1655965644766.png Universe In A Bottle - 1/50 Great Lakes 2013 - 600m

1655965961456.png A Pyromatic Orb Crafted By The Mages In Papua - 1/15 Baja 2015 - 750m

1655966020289.png Phoebes Crystal Ball - 1/10 Napa Valley 2011 - 900m

1655966060846.png The Magic Box, Used To Hold And Contain Forgotten Dreams - Europa 2021 - 450m
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Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sold Items

Dirty Bear Rug (EM)
Rosemary Mushroom (EM)
The Cursed Countess’s Divination Table (EM)
Candelabra Flamed with Flesh from the Diseased (EM)
A Candle Whose Light Glistens from the Prismatic Breath of the Dragonlord (EM)
The Heedless Knight who fell into a Pool of Melted Gold (EM)
A Golden Death Mask of Hanzo the Spymaster (EM)
Sapewin Wines Avery’s Special Microbrew (EM) x2
Stuffy Bear Hue 1150 (Reward)
Servant of Tal'Keesh Robe - Hue 92 (EM)
Worshiper Of Vereor - Pledging Mind, Body, And Soul To His Greatness x2 (EM)
Anti Normal Cream (EM)
Contained Essence From Creatures Stolen By Krowlee The Evil Mage (EM)
Nugget of Blackrock-Cadellite-Filanium-Fraznium Alloy (EM)
Last Ice of Winter (EM)
Omo’s Final Royal Investigators Chronicle (EM)
The Magic Piggy That Fell Into a Vortex of Vices and Regrets (EM)
Sacred Sacrificial Piggy (EM)

Scale of Tal'Keesh (EM)
A Large Chunk of Cheese Taken from The Ratman Queen (EM)
A Petal From The Golden Lotus of Heaven (EM)
Dog Days of Summer Fan (EM)
Prosperity Lunar New Year Rat Statue (EM)
A Golden Plaque of Solvaria Rayne (EM)
The Good Carpenter's Table (EM)
Wash Basin (SB)
Finalist in the Home Decoration Contest, December 19, 2002 (Seer)
Reindeer Hides - Lake Superior 2010 (EM)
A Winter Yule Log - Lake Superior 2010 (EM)
A Fruity Sponge Cake (EM)
Carolling Tambourine (Pacific 2010) (EM)
Leg of Lamb Hue 121 (TB)
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Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Bump - a lot of items sold but a lot still for sale!