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[EM Event Fiction] Uncovering The Past

Lord Gareth

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By: EM Drosselmeyer

“Hey! Watch that! Some of this stuff is ancient!” Captain Irina shouted to one of the recruits helping to relocate the crates of Mornwok’s goods. “It’s not going to be of any use to us if it’s all busted!” She grumbled out something about diligence as she helped carry the next set of crates off the heavily laden pack horses. She heard a crash of wood and pottery and she quickly set her crate down and ran to where the noise had come from.

“Captain! I’m sorry, it was an accident, I swear!”

Just as Irina was about to open her mouth and yell at the man she noticed that there was more than just the remains of the vase and crate there, there was a bound book with a few scrolls tied to it with twine. She frowned and knelt, picking them up and dusting them off. The book looked positively ancient.

“Um…Captain, did you want me...”

Irina gave the recruit a scowl. “Just get back to unloading the horses. I’ll clean this up. You may have stumbled on something important.” She took the book inside and sat at a desk, laying it open as she unfurled one of the scrolls that appeared to be a map of the Fens of the Dead with markings on it that she didn’t recognize. The second scroll turned out to be a more familiar map, but with scribbled indicators written on it in some sort of code she couldn’t decipher. As she looked through the book, it seemed to have had markings or pages with notations on it; From as best she could tell they could have been Mornwok’s handwriting, but she couldn’t be sure. What she could tell by the time she finished looking through it was that the Commander would definitely want to see it.