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(Player Event) EM Event 7/24/22 - Fun and Games


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The Royal Guard were summoned to the EM Hall on a warm Sunday evening, with the promise of "Fun and Games". The group began to become restless in the stifling hall, packed well beyond it's normal capacity. Suddenly in a flash of blinding light, a tall and unfamiliar figure appeared. He was an imposing meer, who identified himself as Eternal M'riosth. M'riosth had come to Britain from the city of Mireg, where the peace was being disturbed by a group of rambunctious young minotaurs. He reported that the minotaurs had been engaged in a classic summer sporting event, normally just an inconvenience for the meer, but that the events had now changed for the worse. The minotaurs were engaged in battle with nefarious drakes, led by Tyrinyrth. M'riosth asked the guard to clear the area of the disturbance.


The guard followed M'riosth to his home city and quickly put down the disturbance, fighting both Enraged Young Minotaurs and Minions of Tyrinyrth alike. Peace was restored in the village, but then glorious faerie leader, Queen Silvani, appeared. She saw the progress that the guard had made in Mireg, and asked for us to come and help in Bet-Lem-Reg. The guard were again teleported along and did what they did best.


A human monk then appeared from the shadows, and hailed Queen Silvani. He introduced himself as Edward, without any further elaboration of his role or order. Edward asked for additional help at the Spring of Vitality where.. you guessed it! The minotaur had been engaged in some sort of disc throwing game and now were trampling everything in a battle with drakes.

edward the monk.png

Edward led us the the Spring of Vitality, which was fortunately unharmed. The guard then engaged more minotaurs and drakes, and once the favor of the battle seemed to be turning, the minotaur prince appeared! The young Prince Bardiar explained that the minotaur were innocent victims in this affair, and were only engaged in their sport in honor of his naming day; the drakes had come to ruin their events. Prince Bardiar asked the guard to take the fight to the true source of the trouble, the evil dragon Tyrinyrth. He would have his people find out Tyrinyrth's current location, and get the information to the guard at a future date. For now, with the disturbance suppressed and many innocent young minotaurs slain in the effort to maintain peace, the guard were dismissed to think on the morality of their actions.

Prince Bardiar.png