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EMオリックスが行方不明! 皆さんの助けが必要です!

EM Orix

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
As a human being when we plan things it seldom end out as planned…
It end for the good or for the bad, but nobody knows.
When it ends for the bad do you have friends to help you?
Everybody! Everybody! Everybody!
My friend (EM Orix) is missing!
Please help me! I need all brave people to give me a hand.
I don’t know what dangers are awaiting, but if we don’t act now something bad will happen and I smell it. If you can give me a hand, come to the Nujel’m EM Hall for 7/21 9pm JST/8am EST by the West Bank of Britain gate.
I’m expecting a lot of people to come to help me, PLEASE!
Derik, the Explorer
Things to be aware of:
u Please enter event channel EM Orix Event
u Please come with your fighting gear.
u Please leave all valuable at home as unexpected things can happen.
u If during the event problems or anything else happen to disturb, the EM has the right to interfere or on more serious case cancel the event.
u To everyone who join the event, please behave and let’s enjoy the event!

皆さん! 皆さん! 皆さん!
助けてください! 勇気ある心を持った皆さんが必要です。
◆ イベントチャンネルEM Orix Event(#なし) にお入りください。
◆ 戦闘準備の上、お越しください。
◆ 予期せぬ出来事が発生するかも知れません!貴重品はなるべく持ち込まないよう、お願いします。
◆ 以下に該当の場合、あるいはEMが問題ありと判断した場合はコールのうえ、
  - イベント進行の妨害、かく乱行為。
  - EM、あるいはほかのプレーヤーに対する侮辱的発言、またはそれに準ずる行為。
◆ 皆さんのイベントです。マナーを守って楽しく参加しましょう!